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customer service is incredible, fast and every helpful. my decipher textmessage app wasn't working, so i emailed you guys and within an hour my problem was solved! incredible company and i am glad to be supporting you guys with your amazing product! DECIPHER ROCKS!

- Noah Della Pietro

Decipher rocks! Computer crashed lost all record of software purchased. Emailed them and bam sent my license number and newest software upgrade free.

- Shaun Gary

This is an amazing software that is too easy to use! I love the way this helps me go back through my old messages and find important information I may have missed. Not to mention, the customer service is just WONDERFUL. They reply quickly and clearly, and are so very helpful!! Thanks so much for your great service.

- Rodrigo Hernandez

These are the types of businesses that we should be supporting and promoting!!! Thank you Jay...your help and generosity is appreciated.

- Chris C. Khamnei

I had a question about using Decipher Tools software after my download. I used the available link to send an email with my query. I was answered with a quick solution much faster than I had anticipated! It is the people that make a company, product or service outstanding and this company clearly has some outstanding individuals behind the scenes. I have since recommended Decipher Tools to two other individuals that had a need for archiving text messages. They have thanked me profusely for finding such an outstanding product and solution and at an excellent value!

- Gary Adelkopf

My dad recently passed away and I was looking for a way to save the 2 voicemail messages I had from him in a more stable way... and Decipher Tools helped make sure I will always have a way to hear my dad's voice. Nice personalized service and a good software. Would do business with them again anytime.

- Jill Addy Wright

I cannot say enough positive things about this product and the staff. Today I was at Apple and told them about how AWESOME it is to be able to save my text messages and they are now going to recommend it to their customers. I got a pleasant surprise today when I plugged my freshly wiped iPhone into my Mac and my backed up text messages were put back on my cell! \u003C3

- Jules Mariani

I work in IT and see a lot of software, often poor, so it's refreshing to come across a product that does exactly what it advertises. Moreover it does it efficiently and makes it easy for the user. I was further impressed with the company's support when I had to reinstalled the software following a system crash. My licence key wouldn't work, so contacted support - within 5 minutes I had a reply with a replacement licence key free of charge. Excellent - wish there were more companies like this! Thank you

- Phil Bonser

This is a wonderful App. I'm not very Tech savvy but they have made it easy. Their customer service is awesome! Thanks guys for making my life easier and allowing me to save some of the more precious words through texting.

- Rhonda Zapalac Vizza

This is a great tool, easy to use, and fairly priced. The company is small, and the customer service is impeccable. If you need to save iPhone data, this is your go to suite of products.\n

- Tara Nicole Brown

GREAT product and worth every little penny. I've been looking for something like this for a year now - since I met my fianc\u00e9 and wanted to save our text message conversation since the day we met. I've finally found a way to keep our messages without killing my phone.\n

- Stephanie Handal

Amazing product. The customer service is impeccable and the program is easy to use. Best software purchase made to date. Love it!

- Ishtpreet Kaur Mangat

Excellent product, and great customer service. I had to replace my hard drive and lost my original program, and when I emailed them, they replied very promptly and within a few hours I was up and running again! I would highly recommend the product

- Dee White

I wanted to download a year long text communication between me and a very good friend. I am not at all computer savvy but using Decipher was so easy. I initially did not know how to back up my phone to the computer and contacted Decipher help on Sunday night. Got very helpful email immediately from their team. Recommend it highly. \n

- Danny Zember

I have been plagued by issues with my Apple divides. I had been advised by Apple to wipe my phone (for the third time) and was not happy about it. This would be the fourth time I would lose all my text messages. Rubin, who helped me at Apple, told me about Decipher Tools. I immediately came home and tried it. Unfortunately, the program wouldn't download but Jay was an absolute doll. He ignored my grumpy and annoyed attitude (sorry, Jay, I hate my Apple devices). He went above and beyond to help me and after contacting me repeatedly he came up with a fix that my crappy MacBook Air would tolerate and I was able to download the program and save my text messages before Apple wipes them again. Thank you Decipher Tools and Jay! These guys and their software are AMAZING. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You ROCK!!!

- Jules Mariani

I have been plagued by issues with my Apple divides. I had been advised by Apple to wipe my phone (for the third time) and was not happy about it. This would be the fourth time I would lose all my text messages. Rubin, who helped me at Apple, told me about Decipher Tools. I immediately came home and tried it. Unfortunately, the program wouldn't download but Jay was an absolute doll. He ignored my grumpy and annoyed attitude (sorry, Jay, I hate my Apple devices). He went above and beyond to help me and after contacting me repeatedly he came up with a fix that my crappy MacBook Air would tolerate and I was able to download the program and save my text messages before Apple wipes them again. Thank you Decipher Tools and Jay! These guys and their software are AMAZING. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You ROCK!!!

- Jules Mariani

DecipherText Message is hands down the most seamless, flawless, and well executed software of its kind. Kudos to the developers. You will NOT be disappointed with purchasing the full version. Trust me.

- Keegan Stanley

DecipherText Message was easy to install, is easy to use and has been invaluable for saving texts from loved ones that are no longer in my life. Customer service was fast and helpful. I highly recommend this software!

- Anne Bolger

will i be able to recover lost texts from my iphone WITHOUT a backup? i just deleted a message thread by accident that i very much want to save, and when i went to my computer to restore from a backup, there was no backup. so, i'm hoping they're on my phone somewhere. that's what you guys are for, right? :)

- Carly Klein

When I go to save a picture within a sms conversation it gives me the option to save to \"Decipher Media\" folder, but I can not locate that folder after saving it, how would I do so?

- Robert Setfree Monroe

Excellent and elegant piece of software that keeps improving with each iteration. I use it every day to maintain my journal and keep track of client files. Well done.

- Andrew Hanibelsz

Great program! Definitely easy to use, useful as hell, and the customer support is outstanding. They really know what they're doing and take the time they need to to help out.

- Cameron Meyer

Great little bit of software and the customer support is outstanding solving two problems i had very quickly via email. always looking to update and improve the software 10 out of 10

- Justin Green

So far I am very happy with this software. My emoji actually showed up in the dialogue. I was able to copy and paste a conversation into an Excel spreadsheet very easily. I haven't tried to retrieve any deleted messages yet, hopefully I will be able to figure it out. It was worth the $20 to me. Being able to print out all 800 pages of the conversation between me and my sweetheart, from the beginning of our relationship, is priceless. Long distance relationship for the first 18 months, adds up to a lot of sweet talking text messages. 22,773 to be exact! Decipher is pretty cool!"

Decipher TextMessage, Backup Repair, Backup Browser, and VoiceMail Testimonials and Reviews

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Do you need to save iPhone text messages or voicemails to your computer? Do you need to fix a broken iTunes backup? Here is what some of our amazing customers are saying about Decipher Tools.

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This has enabled me to save a lot of very precious messages sent between me and a very special lady - our memories preserved. Great!
John | Surrey, England
Decipher Text Message is great. I can pull off all my texts from the iPhone and have them in a file to read later if need be. Print them off as a hard copy too. Really helpful when you need to prove what someone has sent you. 5 stars!
Absolutely recommend this software. The ability to save text messages and voice-mails, and some from folks who have passed on.... just means the world to me. Decipher, you are possibly the best software I have ever invested in. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Melary | Boston, MA
Both decipher programs are a MUST! Eventually everyone has a Voicemail or text that you will want to store or share with everyone! Great Program, Runs Flawless, Support staff excellent.
Shaun | Salt Lake City, Utah
Thanks for creating software that works for me. I count on it to keep a diary of life.
Ben | Oklahoma
LOVE this. It was so easy and now I have a file holding every text message for over a year with my sister who recently passed away. Nothing is more priceless than that, worth every penny. Thanks for making this software and making it so easy a computer-dummy can do it.
Kendra | Portland
This is just a wonderful tool! Luv it.
Niko | Australia
Works as advertised. Pulled all of my messages that I wanted and then some... Good software!
Tommy | Los Angeles, CA
This is simple to use, requiring entry-level computer skills. And very very efficient. I winced at the price at first. I do not have the slightest bit of buyers remorse. Thanks!
Richard Boothe | Phoenix, AZ
Certains Sms peuvent Ãtre de bons souvenirs, Ã garder. Ce logiciel permet de les importer efficacement. Bravo.
Nicolas | Nice, France
Decipher TextMessage works perfect, super simple way to back everything up.
Justin | Arcadia, CA
After answering many of my questions and subsequently fixing a little "glitch," the software exceeded my expectations and beat out their competitors at a cheaper price. The personal attention these people gave was extraordinary.
SJ | Texas
Just got this highly online recommended product. Brilliant.
Pedro | UK
Love this program. So fast, easy, simple. A great resource.
Kyle Tevlin | Montclair, NJ
Excellent price. Fantastic product. I highly recommend. Easy to use, setup, install - just all around terrific and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
KF | South East USA
Love it, very useful!
Paul | San Diego
My mother passed away in May and I was able to save every voicemail that she ever left me with Decipher voicemail. Her voice is something that I will aways have because of Deciper!!
Victoria | Boca Raton, FL
I was able to save all my messages from my old iPhone. And now I continue to backup all my messages in my new iPhone. This is a great app to archive messages of daily conversations. The program treasures memories! Thank You!
Ian Francisco | Morong, Rizal, Philippines
Thank you for a wonderful piece of software! I needed this to record and have records showing text messages between my child's mother. Simple and easy to use. Thank You
Logan | Folsom, CA
verygood softwarethe best at a very reasonable price. helped me out alot. thanks decipher!
davidvalle | amarillo texas
quick and easy to install
Clare | Devon, UK
As an attorney, I often receive key information from clients and other contacts that is critical to capture and retain for my files. Decipher's Voice Mail Transfer Tool is an invaluable resource for my business.!
Doug | Indiana
Our virtual lives are on these phones and thankfully someone skillfully created a tool set that gives us, the end-user, control of our most personal digital information. The GUI is Apple-quality beautiful, and the customer support, should you need it, is tops. The apps just work, and reliably so!
Matt P | Los Angels, CA
This program rocks!
Michael B | AUstin, TX
Really happy I came across your tools in a search. Decipher TextMessage is a great tool that allows me to read text messages and view sent/received pictures from my iTunes based backups when I need them. Great tool.
Scott Matthew | Seattle, WA
Great product. My iphone got damaged and was unusable. This program was able to recover and preserve some great memories for me.
Angel | Atllanta, GA
decipher text message is a great product, works as intended, simple to use, exceeds expectations
Chris | denver
Works frikkin great!
dAp | Portland
I absolutely LOVE Decipher Text message! I have messages that I needed for a court case and even without plugging my old phone in Decipher Texmessage pulled the messages from my iTunes account from my old phone and added them to my account! AMAZING! I have already recommended this to a coworker that saves all of her messages one by one.
Shelly Valdez | South Carolina
LOVE this. It was so easy and now I have a file holding every text message for over a year with my sister who recently passed away. Nothing is more priceless than that, worth every penny. Thanks for making this software and making it so easy a computer-dummy can do it.
Darek | London Uk
Grazie un saluto Gianni
Gianni Romano | Roma Italy
This little software is great! Also, the people behind it are always there to help you out if you have problems, no matter what! 5 stars!!
Joao Carvalho | California
Perfect software for saving your sms's om the computer. To be recommended to everyone who wish to save their correspondance and download it from iPhone and others.
cecilia purits | stockholm, sweden
KING DOVE | egypt
This program works really great! Definitely worth the money if you intend on hanging on to your text message history.
Anne | Minnesota
I've been using Decipher TextMessage and Decipher VoiceMail for quite a while now, and they are excellent tools for accessing my iPhone backups. Both are easy, straightforward, and simple to use. The few times I have had a question, their response has been helpful and immediate.
darej | lonfon
Love this!~
LL Francis | Midwest
Awesome tool! Works like a champ as advertised and at a great price compared to the wankers wanting to charge $100 for this kind of stuff.
Robert | Atlanta
Amazing! I am so glad that I found this software...just did the trial and I am in awe, going to buy the full program now. Thank you Decipher Tools!!
Simona | roma
Awesome! I've been wanting to read messages from last year that I can't access without this program. Thanks!
Julie | Australia
Good Application to recover lost messages
Juan Gutierrez
Is fantastic! Was able to recover some very important text messages from an old backup!
Brianna | Canberra, Australia
Quick and easy.
david grainger | Massachusetts
Simona | roma
Thank you so much! I am changing my phone from an iphone to a Samsung and thought I would lose all my sentimental messages. Your software is so easy to use and works without a hitch unlike others I tried. I would recommend it to anyone - it is brilliant!
Jacquie| Norwich
thaaaanks!! awesome!!
Kim | Peoria
This program is awesome! finally I can go through old messages from work/life and find them, instead of spending ages loading them back on my phone! Amazing it does exactly what it promises at an incredible price!
JJ | New York, NY
Nice Application
Danang Harimurthy | Indonesia
Amy | arkansas
this is one of the best tools ever. Ive been looking around for a no-fuss and direct app for exporting text messages. thanks decipher tools!
Jen | Wisconsin
Decipher TextMessage is the best.
Onayi | Harare, Zimbabwe Africa
this program is fantastic!
patrizia varisco| milan, italy
Christine | South Yorkshire, UK
great software.
carmen malfitana | italy
Tooooootally worked for me. Thought it was fake, but instead turned out wonderful and exceeded my expectations! Now I can read my complete conversations without having to lose them! Thanks.
Vianca | Mexico
Thanks I have a voicemail from my mum who recently passed away wishing me a happy birthday. Thankyou so much this software is awesome, and it has made my day.
Tammy | Perth, Australia
Absolute value for money. The process of getting SMS's off an iPhone and onto my PC was child's play with this tool. Highly recommended! Saved me hours of messing around. Thank you sooooooo much developers!! Bloody good product.
Scott T | Australia
I am excited to use this feature when i accidentally delete important info
Amy Webster
Decipher helped me retrieve a voicemail from my dad, who passed last year. When I changed phones and phone companies, both AT&T and Apple told me the messages were lost. ecommended it to a friend, who had lost voicemails from her mother who passed last year, and she recovered her vmails, too.
Mark | Los Angeles
Application fantastic useful as the Swiss boxcutter.
filippo de stefano | italia
good program
mohamwd | kuwait
I got my phone in October and had never deleted any text messages I ever got from my boyfriend. One day I wasn't paying attention and accidentally deleted all 2,000+ messages. Decipher was able to get back every single message from message 1 up until the last time I synced my phone. I was overjoyed.
Michelle | S.C.
Absolutely amazing! It is the best way to manage all of your messages! Easy to use
Trisha Calam | Surrey, BC
thank you!
jaimee | hawaii
I used this to actually prove testimony I had made. And it works. Also, a month later, it found even more texts. I am very happy with the program and I would definitely recommend it to anyone needing to recover deleted texts.
N.D.T | Surrey, N.J.
As one that works in the legal area of divorce, being able to have our client's easily download full text conversations with their soon to be spouses is very helpful.
Robin | USA
Courtney Torrance | Gosport, ENgland
This program is amazingly simple. I wanted to save a text message thread from my iphone 4 and after it backed up with itunes, I was able to save the entire conversation (9000 plus text messages) within 5 minutes. I would recommend this program to anyone!! Truly impressed with Decipher Tools.
N.S. | Chicago, IL
This is great, easy to use, great for those of us with teens!
Barb | Pennsylvania
Really love this app. It's really so simple, and now it even saves the background colors of the texts. I have always been the \"historian\" in my relationship and I would hate it if I lost those early text messages
Jonathan | Durham, NC
Needed to completely wipe out my phone to fix a firmware issue. Was worried because had a lot of info in my texts and wanted a easy to keep it since I couldn't use the back up feature of iTunes. This program was simply and did exactly what I needed for a great price.
Joe Rodriguez | Midland,TX
Great program! Helps me keep valuable information alive and safe!
Alamdar Murtaza | Pakistan
With my older phone I had to go trough this complicated process to print my text messages to add to my detailed customer logs for billing. With my new iPhone and Decipher Textmessage all I have to do is connect to my PC and print. SO EASY!
John DeShiro | Sunnyside, WA
This is fabulous! So excited!
Julie | California
After going through a hard break-up and wanting to have old text messages and voicemails stored on my computer so that I could delete them from my iPhone, the Decipher Text and Voicemail Tools worked flawlessly and allowed me the peace of mind of knowing these memories were accessible, but were away from my immediate retrieval from my phone. Thanks for creating such great software that is easy to use and affordable!!
Kristen Crossma | PA
Really cool. I was shocked that it actually does what it says.
Jay Smith | New England
great app
ala jeep | needham ma
Great application. It let's you do what the iPhone will not...save voice messages. Many precious recordings preserved. Thank you!
Scott | Cleveland, Ohio
I've been using Decipher TextMessage and Decipher VoiceMail for quite a while now, and they are excellent tools for accessing my iPhone backups. Both are easy, straightforward, and simple to use. The few times I have had a question, their response has been helpful and immediate. I couldn't be happier with either the products or the customer service!
Charlie McCormack
i really like it.. and it is so helpful!
ramna | pakistan
This is a super easy way to save valuable data. Thank you!
Mary | Dallas
I don't know what I would have done without this software. Years of my txt life would have been lost!
Amie | Pasadena, CA
Anyone in business today would like to have the tools to archive voice and text messaging in order to keep up and coordinate all the various communication methods deployed today. Decipher Voice Mail and Texting work well for me.
Tom | Minneapolis
I bought it and instantly downloaded over 800 txts I wanted to have a record of....easy as pie!!! Thanks
Cpolitic | Dallas, TX
Amazing!! works as described and better!!
Parker | Texas
Both text messages and voicemail apps work as advertised. This is an invaluable tool for small business today. Archiving voicemails for legal proceedings and documenting text conversations with employees is nearly a requirement these days. Decipher does exactly that, quickly and easily.
Case | Oregon Coast
Its so nice to have a program that just does what it's supposed to do without complications, errors or hassles. This is such a program, and it does its job well.
Jeph Ellis
Very helpful.
Lisa | Sydney, Australia
Excellent program, I wish I knew about this much sooner.
Bob Andrews | Boston
Just wanted a quick and easy to use way to backup and save my text messages to my PC - Decipher TextMessage does this is a brillantly simple way - a few clicks and all my texts are saved on my hard-drive. Would definitely recommend - there isn't a lot you can buy for that price nowadays and this software is more than worth the pricetag.
John M | Wales, United Kingdom
Excellent product and use it often...a MUST
John Frasse | McKinney, TX
So I was switching from an iphone to a droid and i didnt want to lose my text messages. Spent way too long searching for how to do it cause i didnt want to spend the $20 on this site. But i finally just bought this program. It works. And I like the way the messages are presented, just like they would show up on the phone. Super easy to use, almost no user input required. Def worth it
Will Harper | NC
One of the best programs I've installed.
Brandon Smith | Indiana
Decipher TextMessage is a great application with a very nice and intuitive interface and a very iPhone-like representation of conversations. This application also allows you to export conversations, perfect for anyone looking to save their conversations! I look forward to seeing what great features are released in the future!
Thank you for making this software so i can save my messages onto my computer.
Channing Scoleri | Ontario, Canada
Excellent software!
Fabio | Taranto, Italy
The application I wish I had made. Works flawlessly and prints out in a logical, legible, meaningful way that allows you to archive your most valuable messages in a form that people can easily digest.
Airmac | Albuquerque, New Mexico
Really Great! - It Works!
Bruce | Florida
Symple , effective, clear.. the right choice..
rosario malfitana | italy
reat app! Thought it was over to get my sms messages back, but this software did the trick! Recommended to all who think they have lost their old smses!
HÃ¥kan | sweden
Great program! Does exactly what it says it will do!
Guy Barast | Michigan
Love it! I cant wait to listen to my voicemails 50 years from now.
R | New York City
i love it
Mary grey | brookneal
Thank you for the program, it really helps. =)
Vennie Lee | Singapore
Decipher TextMessage is a great program that is easy to use and does exactly what you want it to, which is to save your iPhone texts and in a format that is easily readable. They have great customer service as well. Quick responses to questions, and they updated the software to help fix a pretty big problem that I encountered. It's a pleasure dealing with this program and the people behind it!
Love Decipher Text Message!
Troy | New York City
excellent product!!!
Mel | Sydney
Awesome software
Todd | Houston
Clumsy drowsy fingers deleted the wrong message string and it would have to be a precious one wouldn't it? Trawled the net in desperation and found Decipher Text Message. I'm always a bit suspicious of downloading stuff but took the plunge and tried the free version. It showed access to not only the current string but also the messages from the same person I lost when I changed phones last year. There have been tears of happiness at seeing messages I thought lost forever. Brilliant tool and worth every cent/penny. Thank you!
Allie Jackson | Scotland
This is phenomenal! It's just like reading the conversations on your iPhone but on the computer, instead!
Andrew Gill | Evansville, IN
Awesome! Works flawlessly!!!
Todd Curt | Houston Texas
I love this tool, I saved a history of my text conversations and it came in handy when needing them in court.
Natashia Harris | Los Angeles, CA
After downloading 4 different free text message programs I finally found what I was looking for with Decipher text message. It grabbed all my messages, sorted them in order by contacts, and downloaded all the pics I forgot about from years ago. Hands down the only text downloader I'd buy.
Stephen McKee
Finally - what I need. I have been searching for this software for a long time. This seems to be exactly what I need! Saving all the SMS's in one place!
Cecilia Strandberg | Stockholm
You guys are unbelievable...Not only does your product actually work, and work well, but your customer service is outstanding. I was desperate to get back some texts from a loved one who had passed away and you made it happen. I was so impressed with how patient and compassionate you were with me when I contacted you with question after question. Really, if karma exists, you guys are storing up a ton of the good kind. I am so grateful.
Andrew | New York
I was sold within about 30 seconds of seeing what this thing can do. I can even see the full size images sent via SMS. Worth the $. Thanks!
David | Harrisonburg, Va
Ce logiciel est parfait.
Nana | Paris, France
I was nervous getting something off the internet, but this is amazing. It does exactly as promised. I am so impressed and more than happy to always have a copy of important conversations that I will never have again. And for the price?! Well worth it!!!
Rodrigo | Houston, Texas
When my mom and brother died this year, I longed to hear their voices again. Decipher VoiceMail and the super-responsive support staff helped me retrieve old iPhone files from my TimeMachine backups so I can hear these messages whenever I need to. Thank you!
Missy Hughes | Ventura, CA
this is a very important solution to saving our messages
Hakan Emilsson | Varmdo Sweden
molto buono
mara | italia
best system i have
giorgia | arezzo
When I needed help getting my software to work after upgrading to Lion, the minds behind Decipher Text message were awesome!! I was provided with a specific upgrade link to help me get up and running again. Thanks!!!
James Hahn
grande applicazione
marco | Italy
LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it. Simple to use, and now does conversation text messages. Can't fault it at all
Christine | Australia
This piece of software is a lifesaver - always have a backup of my texts on my PC that I can view and even print. The interface is great - if you're looking at this site, then chances are you're pretty sure you need this software, so I'd say just download it, I doubt you'll regret it!
John M | Wales
I bought Decipher Text Message a few months ago and it has been absolutely invaluable for saving all my texts with my girlfriend in LA, and I can now go back and read the entire conversation (14,000 of them!!). It is also easy to use and definitely worth the money. Recently I had a hard drive crash and Kelly at Decipher Media was great in helping me reinstall and recover the files from my old PC. Exceptional and friendly customer service - keep it up guys, and thanks so much Kelly!!
Richard S. | Auckland, NZ
This software is great! And the support team is excellent, in the event you do have an issue.
Jamie | Orlando, Florida
Wow, a program that does exactly what it claims. Exactly what I was looking for and more. Love the fact that it displays the photos too and the end result is very similar to what you see on your iPhone screen. Awesome!
Georgie | Toronto, ON
Ricardo Acevedo | Guaynabo, PR
Does exactly what I need it to, and with a lot more ease and style than I was expecting. Well worth the money. This allows me to save messages from an important person in my life, and I'm really pleased Thanks very much!
Michelle | Stamford Ct
Great software and even better staff! thanks for helping me save on to a voice that i thought i would never be able to hear again.. Decipher you rock!
Georgina | Beaconsfield
Simple and intuitive piece of software. Works great! And after my girlfriend lost her phone, I could give her a backup of all the messages we've sent eachother - including the photos. Amazing!!!
Stian Helnes | Bodø, Norway
Good software, excellent value for money !
mark peters | UK
Very good tools. Use it
Cristian Nan | Bucharest Romania
Julia Hentschel | United States
When a "restore" wiped out my text messages, Decipher Tools came to the rescue! Thanks!
Sarah | TX
Decipher TextMessage is awesome. It has saved me a number of times and has ensured that the information I want is readily at hand.
Adam Cryer | Sydney
great program, worth the purchase. used it to make a book of the conversation between myself and my girlfriend. No other program could do it
A good Software
khaled | Rahmouni
Brilliant, Brilliant Brilliant.
Allan K | UK
What a fantastic program The messages that were deleted between me and my special one in my life... are all in here! I can save them here at any time and onto my phone as well.....
Inderbir | Adelaide, Australia
It's practically impossible to scroll to the beginning of a message log on iPhone, especially when you want to go back to something say at the beginning of the year. Decipher Tools has enabled me to find hilarious conversations that I completely forgot about.
michelle | Sydney
mohammedsalman | India
I have the Decipher Tools to back up my What'sApp and Text conversations from my iPhone. It is literally the best $$ I have spent on a software app. Just get it. With my What'sApp, I can't go back more than a limited amount of messages without my screen going into the spinning gear and then back to my home screen. I have some very important correspondence on my phone and these apps would still be a bargain at twice the price, literally.
Peg Riou | Eloy, AZ
Decipher Tools is amazing! I have been able to download and print every single one of my texts with this program. I have also saved all my text converstaions to my PC so I can free up space on my phone. I would definitely recommend!
Andrea | Tucson, AZ
Fantastic.. Worked like a charm
Nash | United Kingdom
Used this tool to compile a BEST-OF list of texts between my fiance and I. Was a great gift for her to see how our relationship has grown since we met.
Tim | Los Angeles, CA
It is the second time I buy the program, I use a lot, is easy to use, I recommend it because it works pretty great. Congratulations to the development team and thank you for this great tool
Edmundo Domenzain | Salamanca Guanajuato Mexico
Very easy and great system!
Josh | New Orleans
Hunted and researched for days.....THIS SOLVED MY PROBLEM by letting get every SMS with embedded pictures onto my laptop. Very pleased.
Terri | Livermore, Ca
Very good and handy tool exactly what i needed for capturing texts from ex partner and being able to back up and print to prevent loss of conversations
Anonomus | somewhere in uk
Thank you. Very helpful.
L. | Fairbanks, AK
I like this app. It saved my day!
Jenny | USA
This is simply great!
Hanna Juul-Hansen | Norway
Not only did the TextMessage5 app load the most recent backup from my current phone; it also loaded the final backup of my previous iPhone and had all my SMS, MMS, and iMessage correspondence ready for exporting, offered in a graphically pleasing format that mimicked the iPhone's speech-balloon presentation. Couldn't possibly have been easier.
scrivener | honolulu, hi
What an excellent product!!! Very happy =)
Ashlee C | Australia
Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks
Michelle | Vancouver
This has enabled me to save all my voice messages from my mum over the last couple of years. She recently passed away and having these recordings will bring me much comfort. Thank you. Mark
Mark Edwards | London
This is such an awesome app. Worth every penny.
Nguyen Tran | Highland, CA
Sweet!!! Installs quickly and is easy to use.
Kenitra | North Carolina
I lost my sister Jan 2012 and her last voice msg was on my new iPhone 4s, although I had yet to listen to it because of not being ready emotionally. I started to have some software issues on the 4s and backed it up took it too Apple and they replaced it. I then remembered I hadnt yet listened to the voice msg and of course the replacement did not have anymore voicemails that were past 30days. I was greatful I had Decipher because I still have her last voice msg for memories.
Melissa | Bowling Green, KY
Very simple, works great, and the customer service is excellent!
Haley | Binghamton, NY
I'm so happy I got to keep all my messages! This is awesome, well worth the $20 surprisingly. So handy too!
Melanie | Clemson, SC
this is awesome!
Neala Kelly
simona | roma
so amazing program
maisara | Germany
Great tool, thx for developing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carl | ipswich, UK
I'm loving Decipher text message, I like to backup everything and always had issues with texts and now having them load up in seconds to glance over for old info or memory sake. it's a handy little tool.
Jezza | Australia
Fantastic!! Works as described
Federica | Italy
I've been waiting for such a great program and now i can edit my unwanted stuff from my i phone.
Abdul Shahri | Dammam,KSA
Decipher TextMessage works great, I love it.
Paulette | Redmond, WA
Great app, I love it!!
Angelo Tsocos | England
One of the most useful tools avaliable today. So many people get caught up in complex tools and products, that produce the same result, but with a lot more headaches and costs. Decipher TextMessage, is not only simple and user friendly, it produces desried reuslt jut bout everytime. Don't know what i would do without it.
Jewels A | Australia
thanks for the software
evans kojo andoh | ghana
This program is the best "find" for me since i have owned a computer. I utilize it strictly as a business tool in that so many cients prefer to do business via text. And to have such an easy and reliable way to save these texts has been a huge relief. I have even referred my clients to utilize them to save their own texts and conversations that will be useful in Court.
Therese | San Antonio
i really like it.. and it is so helpful!
ramna | pakistan
Just what I was looking for! I wanted to save all the early text conversations with my boyfriend, to be all sentimental and whatnot, and this works perfectly. Even grabs the pictures! Definitely worth the price for memories.
Janine | Connecticut
This works all i need to say.
P | UK
Love this tool. Best way to save all my Text Messages, and read them later if i wish by exporting them or emailing. Love it.
Monypennyuk | London Uka
great stuff!!!
Ayy | Australia
Cesare | medri
Sympa. Merci.
Vuillaume | France
This program is awesome. I needed to transfer texts from my phone to my computer. It was so easy to use and I finished that task in about 5 minutes. Highly recommend! Thank you.
Jessia | Tennessee
I'm pretty technology stupid, but this was a piece of cake! The love of my life suffered a severe head injury and short/long term memory loss as a result. He barely remembers me... so maybe these SMS messages can jog his memory.
Leanne | Canada
Fantastic! Saved my life!
Kate | England
Great program. It works for me.
Charles | CA, US
Molto utile davvero!!! Avevo bisogno di un'applicazione di questo tipo. Vi ringrazio.
Elia | Perugia, Italy
Melissa | santa maria
roni achmad | Jakarta Indonesia
This program is excellent! I purchased a similar program to save my SMS/texts prior to finding this one. I wish I would have found Decipher Tools program first, well worth the $$!! Thanks!
Monicka| Florida
Best tool in recovering VERY important Notes that went missing after installing upgrades on my iPhone. Phew! Manage to retrieve an important note with the free trial!
Joyce Xin Hui Lim | Singapore
Great Job!
manumanu2 | napoli
Very usefull software!
Paolo Bocci|Pescara - Italy
While going through a very difficult court case with my now ex partner, this program enabled me to easily and quickly save and print every text message I received from him for the past 3 years. This is well with the $19.99!!!! Thanks so much for making a bad situation much much easier.
Adele |Australia
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ermanno |italia
This works great!
Johnny O'Hanlon |New York
This is great! It does exactly what it says it does simply! I love it. Thanks guys.
Scott | Beverly Hills, CA
There aren't enough good things I can say about Decipher Text Message - not only is it so easy to use it's just amazing being able to save text message conversations. I use it all the time! If you're thinking about it but am not sure, just do it because one you have used it you will be glad you did! Thanks for creating such great software.
Meg | Morocco, Africa
Excellent software. Worth the money.
Hari Vinnakota | Hyderabad, India
I accidentally deleted conversations off my iPhone that were very important to me and I worried that I would never get them back again. But then Decipher TextMessage came and saved the day. When I needed any extra information that wasn't provided in the F.A.Q. I got a very quick and helpful reply. All in all it is an amazing program that does exactly what it says for a reasonable price. 10 out of 10 and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.
Jessica Wolfe | Ireland
Pretty cool! It took only seconds. Very intuitive. No problems getting either HTML or text. Worth the money!
Kate | Indiana
Simple to Use and Easy to Install. I just needed to print off text messages from my IPhone for legal purposes and I was having trouble finding a program...Decipher Tools made it so easy! Thanks
Shannan Hurt | Morganton, North Carolina
I love this program. I can back any of my texts up and even save them as a PDF forever. 5 stars!
Joao Pedro Rodrigues | Beverly Hills, CA
I absolutely LOVE this program and happened upon it completely by mistake. It's worth every penny!!! I just wanted to save some sweet text messages between me and my guy and this was a god send. Thank you!
Burlew's Gurl | South East
What I life saver. The relief of finding a program that just works... fantastic.
LJ | Canada
Decipher TextMessage is a wonderful product; an application that gives me piece of mind because I no longer have to worry about losing my text messages, or typing out important ones by hand. The interface is quite clean and aesthetically pleasing, and I appreciate having the option to save my text messages in multiple formats. In addition, my personal experience with Decipher Media's customer service was extremely positive. Their response time was incredibly fast. Decipher TextMessage is great value.
Kim Flowers | Kimayame Photography
This is a really great piece of software. The messages display as messages, not gobbledegook and they print out as well which is a real bonus.
Jan D. | Reading, United Kingdom
Tool worked great
Adam | Peoria
Absolutely love this program!! Soooo glad I found it - thank you, Decipher Tools!! It automatically pulls from my iPhone as well as my iPad - awesome!! Even got my daughters to buy it too!! Worth every penny and then some!! :D <3
Patty Zasloff | Hudson, Florida
Bychkova Ekaterina | Udine (Italy)
Great little application. It works and is easy to use. I was up and running in minutes, and now have a full backup of all of my text messages on my PC.
Well done Kelly, Thanks for your fantastic reaction to feedback!!!
Nick Stephenson | Bexhill, UK
i love you guys.
kate tognazzi | italy
Great program. Easy to use. Just what I was looking for (saving texts to computer). Will recommend to everyone I know who asks for this kind of help!
Julie Cleveland | Gloucester, MA
Brilliant - thank you so much!
Kim | SA
Great program - love the fact that my texts are saved on my computer!
Christine | Prince Edward Island
Marla | Philippines
I was looking to save an easily access my text messages. I even went to a Bell Boutique to get information on how to do this and they told me it was not possible. Thanks to internet and Decipher Tools I can do this now.
Deen Lariviere | Montreal, Quebec, Canada