(Beta) Bing Disavow Tool

Provide the following in this form:

  1. a Bing Webmaster API key, and
  2. the url of the site for which you want to disavow links
  3. a disavow file (formatted for the Google disavow tool),
and this site will submit the domains and urls that you want to disavow in Bing Webmaster Tools.

We don't keep any of the information submitted in the form, especially not your API key. But, if you want, you can always delete/regenerate your API key after using this site.

Site URL

Google disavow file formatted file. Comments will be ignored as expected!


What is this tool for?

If you run a website, you may have need to "distance" yourself from some spammy links to your website, such as when someone scrapes your content and picks up links to you in the process. Google Search Console help has a great description of the issue here. This "distancing" process is called link disavowing, and Google has a fairly straightforward process for webmasters to do it: you upload a text file of the links you need to disavow in Search Console. Bing Webmaster Tools, however, only has an interface to disavow one domain, site, or directory at a time, which can be time consuming if you have many links to disavow. This site provides a mechanism to submit your disavow domains and urls to Bing using the Bing Webmaster API in a manner similar to Google's disavow process, and using the same file format as Google's disavow backlinks tool. I assume you're like me, and store your disavow list in Google's format, so this site makes it easier to manage all of your disavow list in the same format.


How much does this tool cost?

Right now, this service is free. It will stay that way unless it starts costing us money to run it - in which case we may switch to a small membership fee, or donation basis.

Is my API key safe?

We don't record your API key anywhere; we just use it to process your submissions, and then it's gone. However if you're worried, we encourage you to just delete/regenerate your API key after your submission.

I just uploaded links, and I don't see them in Bing Webmaster Tools yet

When you submit your disavow file to us, it is enqueued for batch processing that should happen nearly immediately after upload. If you still don't see your new disavowed domains/pages in Bing Webmaster Tools after about five to ten minutes, I recommend deleting a URL in the Webmaster Tools interface (copy it first!) and then submitting it again in the Webmaster Tools interface. That seems to force whatever refresh is needed to show the latest info on the Bing Webmaster Tools website. Otherwise, contact us, so we can figure out what the issue is!

What about directories?

What about directories indeed! I am used to submitting Google style disavow files, that supports domains and urls. Right now that's exactly what this tool does, but I've been considering adding a special sort of comment (maybe "#dir:"?) to add directories to the file, as Bing supports a third disavow type: directory. If you directories in your disvow list for Bing and want us to support them, let us know by using the contact link above. Or, if you just want to write us and tell me why directory is better than domain for some cases, please do, I am all ears! (Or rather, I am all eyes!)

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