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Why I Give iTunes Gift Cards For Christmas (and How to Get Them At a Discount)

Kelly Wilkerson

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For the past few years, my husband and I have given all of our Apple-inclined friends and family iTunes giftcards for Christmas and birthdays. It makes me feel "the warm fuzzies", so I'd like to share our reasons and encourage others to consider doing the same:

  • We are software developers and we do a lot of iOS/OSX related development. It benefits us to have a healthy app economy where people are willing to pay money for our work, or the work of people like us. I consider giving out iTunes gift cards a way to simultaneously give a gift, pay it forward to my colleagues, and invest in my own career.

  • People hesitate to pay for apps and music. Trying to say this in a positive way: I think people value more (or put more emphasis on) software and music purchases now. That makes a giftcard for apps and music an easy way to give a "treat yourself" gift.

  • (I hope) Having available giftcard balance makes it a lot easier to support apps the recipient already uses frequently. "Free money" is easier to spend removing ads, purchasing expansions, and the like.

  • They don't have to sit around and get lost like other gift cards. The recipient should enter the code immediately into his or her iTunes account and the balance is automatically applied to future purchases. (I sometimes include directions for entering the code into the iPhone App Store app to encourage this.)

  • New iGadgets are a popular gift, and an iTunes giftcard will help them get all kinds of stuff to use with their shiny new toy.

  • I can stretch my dollar by buying iTunes gift cards when they're on sale, or through a gift card discount site.

    If you're worried about possibly-shady giftcard resellers, my site recommendation is; I buy from them often, have talked with some customer representatives the few times I've had an issue, and trust them as responsible merchants.

    CVS, Best Buy, Staples, and Costo usually have an iTunes giftcard pack on sale between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will also try to post iTunes giftcard deals in the comments section below as I come across them (as I will be looking anyhow!)