Decipher TextMessage

Quickly and easily save your text messages and image attachments to your computer.

Recover deleted text messages!

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Decipher Backup Repair

iTunes reporting that you have a corrupted backup?

Fix your backup and restore your device so you have your important data!

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Decipher Backup Browser

View and save photos, notes, contacts, voice memos, call history, and other files from your iPhone backup.

New Snapchat
Metadata Recovery!

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Decipher VoiceMail

Save your voice mail messages to your computer, or export them as MP3s or Quicktime Audio.

Clean your voicemail inbox without losing important messages!

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Decipher WhatsApp

Save WhatsApp messages and image attachments to your computer.

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages!

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Kelly, one of our co-founders.
Jay, one of our co-founders.

This is Kelly and Jay.

Kelly and Jay are two of Decipher Media's founders. They respond to customer emails themselves directly every day to ensure that issues are resolved promptly and questions are answered.

(We also write about ourselves in the third person...)

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