Clean your iPhone and Start New with Decipher Phone Refresh

Keep the data that’s important to you. Leave the garbage behind. Get rid of “Other” space!

Decipher Phone Refresh is the right tool for you if:

Restore and reset your iPhone without losing any data!

Restore and reset your iPhone without losing any data!

How to Use Decipher Phone Refresh:

  • 1) Install Decipher Phone Refresh

    Click our download button above, and then open the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • 2) Unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone (if needed.)

    If you're using an Apple watch your iPhone, unpair it now.
  • 3) Make a backup of your iPhone.

    We recommend encrypted backups, since they contain important your health/activty data and are more secure.
  • 4) Run Decipher Phone Refresh.

    Decipher Phone Refresh will create a clone backup from your original with only items you select to keep.
  • 5) Restore the cleaned iPhone backup.

    Restore the cleaned backup like you would any normal backup. Select "Setup as New" in iTunes after ther restore completes and setup your iPhone as a fresh device.
  • 6) Pair your Apple Watch to the new iPhone (if needed.)

    Be sure to select to restore your watch from the backup when asked!
  • Need help?

    Head over to our FAQ or send us a note on our support page. We pride ourselves on timely answers and first-class support!