Save Voicemails Forever to Computer iPhone - iOS8

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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Lately we've received quite a few emails from iPhone users who are interested in saving / exporting their voicemails to computer for safekeeping. Here are some basic tips for taking charge of your iPhone voicemails and keeping copies of your voicemail data backed up and safe.

  • Backup your iPhone. When you backup your iPhone regularly, your voicemails are automatically saved as a part of your iTunes backup. We recommend making a local backup on your own computer in addition to backing up to iCloud.

    • Keep in mind that (for both iTunes and iCloud) usually only one backup is kept, with the most recent information. So if you delete voicemails regularly, backing up will not keep an archive of the deleted voicemails.

  • Don’t rely on your iPhone carrier to safely archive your voicemails. If you lose or delete an important voicemail that was on your phone, or if your phone is ever lost or stolen, many providers will not grant you access to your voicemail messages saved on their servers!

  • Save your voicemails. Our software Decipher VoiceMail will let you quickly and easily save / transfer your iPhone voicemails to your Mac or Windows computer. Files are saved in either mp3 or the original voicemail format. After saving them to your computer you do anything you like with your saved voicemail file including email it to a friend, burn in to CD, or transfer it to an external drive.

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