Recover Deleted or Lost iPhone Call History

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Jay Walsh

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Access your iPhone call history logs from your iTunes backup

As most iPhone users are aware, each time you make a call on your phone, a record of that call history is stored on your iPhone in the "Recents" section. Here you can view "All" your calls or simply the "Missed" calls depending on your specific needs. You can also dig deeper to see specific date, time, and length of the call.

Call history within the Phone app on an iPhone

Lost / Stolen / Broken iPhone - Can I still recover iPhone call history?

Many people lose their devices, have them stolen, or drop them causing the iPhone screen to shatter. Without the phone itself in your possession or even with a broken phone that is inoperable, the general assumption is that their call history data is lost forever. The good news is that this is not always the case! Providing that you have backed up your device in the past, Decipher Backup Browser can help save the day and enable you to extract any call history from the most recent backup on your Windows or Mac computer.

How do I know if my iPhone Call History is stored in my backup?

The free version of Decipher Backup Browser will let you quickly browse the contents of your iPhone backup and immediately see if your call history log is present in the backup.

  1. Download Decipher Backup Browser from the Decipher Tools website.
  2. Select your iPhone in the left-hand column of the program.
  3. Choose "Call History" in the middle column
Here you will see your entire call history from the time of your last iTunes backup.

Recover lost iPhone call history

The logs will show the following detailed data:

  • Name of the contact
  • Phone number
  • Date and time of the call
  • Type of call: incoming, outgoing, or no answer
  • Time of the call
If you haven't recently backed up your iPhone, then any call history you find will be from the time of the last iTunes backup. Tip: Make sure to search other backups on any other computers that you also might have. You can install and run Decipher Backup Browser on as many computers as you like.

We hope this quick tutorial has been helpful! If you have any questions simply contact us via our Decipher Tools support page and we'll reply back to you. We're based in San Francisco and Phoenix and we reply to everyone.