Video - How to Print Text Messages for Court from iPhone

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Jay Walsh

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Video Transcript:

Welcome back to another quick tip. Today's quick tip will show you how to print iPhone text messages for court. If you enjoy today's video, don't forget to hit the subscribe button below which helps us keep the channel going and bring you more videos in the future.

When you generate a print out of your iPhone text messages for court, trial, or any legal matter, you want to ensure that the print out of your text messages contains specific metadata to help your case and also that lawyers, courts, and judges often recommend.

Here at, we've teamed up with lawyers and legal experts to ensure that the iPhone text message print outs made with Decipher TextMessage always contain the following:

  • The contact on ever text message both sent and received.

  • The time stamp on every text message.

  • A date range export option: This give you the ability to print text messages from specific time frames and dates relevant to your court case.

  • Search functionality: Decipher TextMessage gives users the ability to search iPhone text messages for specific terms and keywords across all contacts, group messages, or single conversations.

While we are running today's demo on a Mac, this also works on any Windows computer!

Step 1: Launch Decipher TextMessage on your computer.

When you open Decipher TextMessage on your computer, the software will automatically read in an existing iPhone backups that are on your computer. If you don't see your iPhone in the left-hand column of the program, then you need to back up your iPhone on your computer!

Step 2: Back up your iPhone.

You can do this by plugging your iPhone into your computer and then selecting the "Back Up" option in the menu of Decipher TextMessage. This custom back up option will back up just your text messages and not your entire iPhone.

Step 3: Select your iPhone.

You'll now see all your iPhone contacts in the middle column of the program.

Step 4: Choose any contact that has text messages you want to print for court.

After selecting a contact, you'll see all your text messages with that person in the right hand column of the program.

Step 5: Select Export as PDF.

You can now save the PDF of your text messages to your computer. Double-click on the PDF and you will see that all your text messages with that specific contact including any photo attachments are now contained in the PDF document.

Step 6: Select "Print" to print your iPhone text messages for court or your lawyer.

Notice that the PDF printout for court contains important metadata like the time stamp and contact information on every single text message. These metadata options are included in the preferences of Decipher TextMessage.

If you only need to export a select range or dates of messages, you can choose the PDF Date Range option. From here you can narrow down the dates and times of your export so that the PDF contains just the messages you need for your court case or legal matter.


We hope that today's quick tip about how to print your iPhone text messages for court or your lawyer has been helpful! If you have any questions, you can contact us via our Decipher Tools support page and we'll be happy to help.