How to Export iPhone Text Messages as a PDF Document

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Have you ever been curious about how to save your iPhone text messages as a PDF document and print out the messages? Today we're going to show you the quick steps on how to accomplish that task. Saving and printing text messages in PDF format is helpful for a wide variety of circumstances including for general business purposes, court or trial, family mementos, the monitoring of a teen or child's texts, or even just personal archiving of text messages between friends and loved ones. Let's get started:

Necessary items

  1. Windows or Mac computer

  2. iTunes - If you don't currently have iTunes on your computer you can access it here from Apple's official site.

  3. Decipher TextMessage - The software runs on your computer and will read in all your text messages and photo attachments.

Note: If you are on a Mac computer that is running Catalina or Big Sur, iTunes is no longer necessary to back up your iPhone. You can just select your iPhone in the left-hand column of the Finder window and choose "Back Up Now". We have helpful instructions here on how to back up your iPhone if you need assistance.

Download Decipher Text Message

How to save text messages as a PDF

Specific steps to export and save iPhone text messages as a PDF document:

  1. Back up your iPhone on a computer.
  2. Launch Decipher TextMessage.
  3. Choose a phone and pick a contact with text messages you need to save as a PDF.
  4. Select Export Current Conversation as PDF.
  5. Save the PDF containing your text messages to computer.
  6. Open the PDF, choose Print to print out iPhone text messages and iMessages.

Below is a screenshot of what a PDF of text messages looks like after they are exported and saved.

Note that the contact info and time/date stamp is on every single text message. This is a unique feature of Decipher TextMessage. Also, the PDF will also include any photo image attachments inline with the messages just as they appear on the iPhone or iPad itself.

How to save iPhone text messages as a PDF

Save text messages as a PDF for a specific date range or time period

If you have a large amount of text messages from a specific contact but only want to save messages from certain dates, you can easily narrow down the SMS messages that you PDF and print by selecting the "Export via PDF with date range" option. This will let you specify the exact date range of the text messages that you need to capture and save.

How to save text messages as a PDF from a specific date range
In addition to being able to print the PDF of all your text messages, don't forget that you can also email the PDF to colleagues or friends as well as save the PDF document to an external hard drive or cloud storage option of your choice.

Save iPhone text messages as a PDF - Video Instructions

Our helpful step-by-step YouTube video will walk you through how to export your iPhone text messages as a PDF on your PC or Mac computer. Feel free to watch and follow along:

That covers it for today's overview and quick steps on how to save your iPhone text messages as a PDF file so you can print them out. If you have any questions or need help simply drop us a support email and we'll be happy to reply!