How to Save and Print Twitter Direct Messages as a PDF

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Save Twitter Direct Messages as a PDF

If you have a Twitter account then chances are that you are one of the over 229 million daily active users on the platform. Many Twitter users also regularly send and receive direct messages for both personal and business communications. Twitter DMs also enable users to share tweets and promote products or services all within the Twitter environment.

Direct messages via Twitter can be a both a one-to-one conversation or a group chat between multiple individuals. When you send direct messages on Twitter the conversations are always private. Twitter users whom you do not follow can send you a direct message, however only if you have chosen to receive DMs in your Twitter settings or if you have sent that specific person a direct message in the past.

Can I save and print my Twitter direct messages?

Yes! Many Twitter users regularly have a need to transfer Twitter DMs to their Mac or Windows computer and print them out. Some of the reasons for wanting to document Twitter chats and conversations include:

  • To preserve and keep memories of DMs with friends, family, or loved ones.
  • To print out out Twitter direct messages for court, trial, or legal matters.
  • To save business or work related DMs with clients or colleagues.
  • To export Twitter links of important websites, products, or personalities.

What items do I need to print and save Twitter direct messages?

You need three things to download and save your Twitter direct messages:

  • Twitter account

  • Mac or Windows computer

  • Decipher Twit-DM Export

Decipher Twit-DM Export runs on any Windows or Mac computer and enables anyone with a Twitter account to save and print out their direct messages as a PDF with chat bubble formatting and the name and time stamp on every single direct message chat.

Download Decipher Twit-DM Export

Steps to Save and Print Twitter Direct Messages as a PDF

Follow these specific steps to save and print Twitter messages as a PDF

  1. Launch Decipher Twit-DM Export on your computer.
  2. Download your data archive from Twitter's website.
  3. Wait for Twitter's notification that your data download is complete.
  4. Import your Twitter data .zip file into Decipher Twit-DM Export.
  5. Choose "Next" and your Twitter direct messages will be displayed.
  6. Select a contact whose Twitter DMs you want to save and select "Export It."
  7. Open the PDF of your Twitter direct messages and select "Print" to print them out.

When you launch Decipher Twit-DM Export on your Mac or Windows computer, it is easy to follow along by simply selecting "Next" within the program.

Open Decipher Twit-DM Export to start saving Twitter Direct Messages to your computer as a PDF file.

Decipher Twit-DM Export provides you with instructions on how to request your data archive download from Twitter's website.

Follow the instructions to download your data from Twitter.

It is very common for Twitter to take up to 24 hours to prepare your download. Be patient! Once your download is complete you will receive an email notification from Twitter.

Wait for your Twitter data to download and be patient. Twitter will notify you with an email when the download is complete.

You can now import the .zip file of your Twitter data into Decipher Twit-DM Export.

Import your Twitter data archive .zip file into Decipher Twit-DM Export.

Select "Next" and all your Twitter Direct Messages will populate into the program.

Choose "Next" and your all your Twitter Direct Message from all your contacts will appear in the program.

Pick any contact that has Twitter direct messages that you want to save and then choose "Export It."

Select a contact and pick "Export It" to save the Twitter DMs to your computer.

Open the PDF of your Twitter direct messages in your PDF viewer and choose "Print" to print out your Twitter DMs. Here's a example PDF of Twitter direct messages that were saved with Decipher Twit-DM Export:

Open the exported PDF to print out your Twitter direct messages on your computer.

What are the benefits of using Decipher Twit-DM Export to save and print Twitter direct messages?

  • Formatting - The raw Twitter archive of your data is a collection of JavaScript files. Decipher Twit-DM Export processes this data and formats all your Twitter direct messages and chats as a PDF with chat bubble design. The end result is a clean and concise document that you can print, archive, or email to anyone.

  • Privacy - When you run Decipher Twit-DM Export on your computer, all your data is local and private to your Mac or PC. Only you have access to your Twitter direct message data.

  • Contact and Time Stamp on every message - The program displays the contact and time stamp on every single Twitter direct message sent and received. This is great not only for keeping track of message details but it is also helpful for legal reasons should you every need to prepare Twitter direct messages as evidence for an attorney or lawyer.

  • PDF Date Range Export - If you have a large amount of Twitter DMs but don't want to export and print all of them, you can narrow down the messages you save by using the date range export feature in the program. This is very handy for users with months or years of DM chats.

  • Archiving - Many users sometimes take a break from Twitter or decide to delete their account. Prior to this, Twitter users often want to preserve their entire direct message history in PDF format so that they can retain copies of their private Twitter DMs for future reference. Decipher Twit-DM export makes this possible!

  • Group chats - In addition to one-to-one DMs, Decipher Twit-DM Export enables Twitter users to save and print group conversations between multiple Twitter contacts.

  • Runs on any Mac or Windows computer - Decipher Twit-DM Export conveniently runs on any computer and not directly on your mobile device. When you activate a specific Twitter account in the program you can save all the direct messages from that account forever as many times as you need.

Video Instructions to save and print out Twitter DM's as a PDF

Check our our helpful YouTube video that will walk you through the exact steps about how to save and print your Twitter direct messages as a PDF on your Windows or Mac computer.

Do you have additional questions about how to save and print Twitter direct messages?

If you need any help printing or saving your important Twitter DMs, simply contact us via our support page and one of our staff from our San Francisco or Phoenix offices will get back to you.