Do You Have an iOS Battery Drain Problem?

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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I'm brainstorming an at-home iPhone diagnostic tool this week, mostly to find possible (fix-able) causes for abnormal battery drain. While doing some preliminary research, I read the best iPhone battery drain post I've ever seen.

(In iOS8, the standby and awake usage the author refers to is now in Settings → General → Usage → Battery Usage.)

Meanwhile, I'm going to make an open call to our readers and ask for some guinea pigs. Do you feel like your battery is draining way too quickly for your usage? Do you read and follow advice about trying to prevent the drain, but it doesn't seem to help?

Send us an email via our support page and mention my name, Kelly, directly. I've been working on a tool to detect and report software errors on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and I would love to send you an early version of the program and see if we can figure out the problem.