iPhone Shortcut to Jump to the Bottom of Photo Albums

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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I sync the last twelve months of photos to my iPhone, and it's always been a big pain to get to the more recent photos. I find myself flicking and flicking and flicking, trying to scroll to the end of the list. I'm guessing that most people know that, in most apps, if you tap the top status bar (with the battery, time, and cell/wifi status) the scroll area on your screen will jump back up to the top.

Did you know that if you're looking at a large album in Photos, you can jump to the bottom by tapping the bottom? For example if you're in "moments" and tap the (already lit) Photos icon at the bottom in the tab bar, it will jump to the end of the photos. Boom.

Scroll to the bottom of your Photos on your iPhone instantly.