How to Tell if Your iPhone Battery Needs Replacing

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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We might be able to help you diagnose your iPhone battery!

I've been seeing a lot of tweets and forum posts lately about people wondering if there is a way to check the status of their iPhone1 battery at home. I assume since you've stumbled on this article, you want to check your iPhone battery to see if your short battery life is a software/apps problem, or an actual problem with the battery.

I'm working on a little program that will do just that. You plug your iPhone in and run the software, and it will tell you the state of your battery along with our expertise about how to interpret the information.

If you'd like to try out such a program, let us know. Contact us through our support page, and say that you have an iPhone battery you would like to test. Please be sure to select your operating system on the form so we can send you an appropriate version!

  1. This is also applicable to iPad or iPod Touch backups.