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iOS 10 Wifi Login Causes Settings App Crash

Kelly Wilkerson, Co-Founder of Decipher Media
Kelly Wilkerson

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Turn off auto-login in wifi settings to prevent the login page crash in iOS 10.

I've noticed my Settings app in iOS 10 crash occasionally when trying to join a wifi network that uses a webpage for credentials (like hotel wifi that needs your room number, or a wifi network that requires a credit card.)

The way we get around this crash when it happens is to tap the info button (circle with an i on the right) and turn off the "auto-login" switch. Then open Safari to browse, go to a page (like google, or anything), and you should get the wifi login page to enter your credentials without a crash.

You may need to tap on the network to join in Settings -> Wifi, and then very quickly tap the info "i" button (before the login page gets a chance to pop up) to get the settings to show you the auto-login switch.