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Automated Disavow Backlinks for Bing

Kelly Wilkerson

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For the past several months, I've seen the spam around keywords for our business ramp up. I guess it's a good sign if our market is large enough to attract spammers. However, with good site work comes the filth that is spammers scraping your webpages, shoving your links in seedy sites, and all of that jazz. So, I've been agressively managing our incoming links on Google Search Console. I recently realized that Bing also has an incoming links list as well as a link disavow section (yes it has been there a long time!) and was excited to distance ourselves from garbage on Bing as well.

... Until I realized that I had to copy and paste every link into the Bing Webmaster Tools website. Ugh.

There is a Windows tool to upload disavowed links to Bing. But I use a Mac for my link audits and I already store my link disavow info in Google's format. So, I made a website to automate Bing Disavow submissions. The format the page reads is the Google disavow format (including discarding comments), making it easy to use the same techniques you already use for managing backlinks for Google. If you're interested, here is our link:

If this is popular, people may also be interested in my little program I made for helping me review my Google (and Bing) incoming link CSV files without losing my mind (as much as I used to). If that sounds interesting to you, let me know in the comments and maybe I'll make that available too!