Problems with iCloud Backups

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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iCloud error Cannot Restore Backup

I love using iCloud as a secondary backup mechanism (that makes it a backup backup-mechanism?) It's automatic, so it's a nice little cushion of safety should I ever need it. But, iCloud backups are quite opaque, and the only built-in mechanism for using the backup data is to restore it.

Most importantly, as part of our work on Decipher Backup Repair, we've seen an up-tick in broken iCloud backups, and we would like to be able to help people fix their broken iCloud backups.

Let us know if you are getting an error restoring your iCloud backup (like "Cannot Restore Backup."). We are testing some methods to download your iCloud backup, fix it with Decipher Backup Repair, and then restore it over USB using iTunes instead. Send us a note if you're interested in giving it a try.