iPhone Data Plan Tips

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Steve B, Support Specialist for Decipher Media
Steve B.

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iPhone tips for limited cell data plans

Are you curious to see how much iPhone cell data you are currently using? Do you ever wonder how much data you have used in the past? Do you have a limited cell data plan on your iPhone that is charging you extra fees for exceeding your monthly allotment? Here are a few tips to view your iPhone data usage, learn what specific tasks or apps are using cell data on your device, and also how Wi-Fi can better work to your advantage.

  1. First and foremost, use Wi-Fi whenever possible. This applies especially if you have a limited data plan. Wi-Fi will save those precious gigs and data when traveling, sitting at a Starbucks, or visiting a friend's house. It never hurts to ask "hey, what's your Wi-Fi password?" or "do you have a guest Wi-Fi network?"

  2. Next, let's find your cellular data usage on your iPhone or iPad. In the Settings app, click Cellular and you will then be shown so much information it can be overwhelming! Take a step back, breathe, and let's take a look together.

After selecting Settings > Cellular Data, if you scroll down you'll see the Cellular Data section on your device. Here you will essentially see how much data has been used and the myriad of apps you have on your device. If you have a limited data plan, take a look at the apps that are "turned on" or green. If you want to turn some of these apps off, go ahead! Keep in mind that when you turn them off, they will no longer run on the cellular network, however they will still be active when connected to Wi-Fi! As some apps have the ability to run in the background, this can sometimes help save some of your data.

Now that you have gone through your gigantic list of apps, there are a few more options at the bottom that might also be useful for saving enough data to help the cause:

  • Wi-Fi Assist - Feel free to turn this setting off. Wi-Fi Assist automatically kicks your usage to cell data if your Wi-Fi connection is weak. If you can live through some buffering when encountering a dead Wi-Fi spot, turning this setting off can be worth it!

  • iCloud Drive - You can also turn this option off in order to save a little data. This will prohibit transferring documents and data to the iCloud on the cell network and only permit it to happen when a Wi-Fi connection is active.

But Steve, "what does 'Reset Statistics' mean?" To truly track your monthly data usage, it is best to contact your cell phone carrier and review your billing cycle dates. Another handy option is to select Reset Statistics on your iPhone which will reset all your iPhone cellular data usage to zero. You can then track how much data you are using on your device itself. This can really come in handy towards the end of your billing cycle! If you don't see a 'Reset Statistics' option in your settings, it may not be enabled by your carrier.

If paying for an unlimited data plan is not an option for your needs, we hope that today's tips will help save you a few Kbs, Mbs, or a Gb! Cheers!