Decipher Backup Repair 8.4.0 and Decipher TextMessage 8.3.0 Updates

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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Today we released updates to Decipher TextMessage and Decipher Backup Repair. Here's the rundown of what's new:

What's new in Decipher Backup Repair 8.4.0

  • Improved repairs for partial or damaged backups.

  • Additional fixes for backups that were interrupted before completion.

  • Improvements for backups containing files not allowed in a backup.

  • New handling and repair of WhatsApp data.

If you need to fix a broken iPhone backup (or iPad and iPod Touch) so you can restore it in iTunes, download Decipher Backup Repair from our website.

What's new in Decipher TextMessage 8.3.0

  • Improvements to exported conversation layout.

  • Various bug fixes for buggy/incomplete backups.

  • Improvements to our automatic update system.

  • Bug fixes in response to feedback and reports from our wonderful customers! :)