What is this deciphertools.com Charge on my Credit Card Statement?

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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If you see a charge from DECIPHERTOOLS.COM on your credit card statement, the most likely cause is that you (or an authorized user on your credit card) bought software from us. Our programs help with common needs for iPhone data (like printing text messages) and solutions for broken iPhone data (like fixing broken iPhone backups).

Our suite of programs includes:

Who do I contact about this charge from deciphertools.com?

All of our software is backed by our refund policy. If you want to enquire about a charge, or need get help with the software, please contact us via our contact page.

We're happy to support our customers, and we take credit card concerns very seriously! We want to ensure that you understand what was purchased, and that the purchase was by you or one of your authorized card users. We have no subscription software, so you will see no automated charges from us.

If you bought our software, the credit card charge will likely appear as DECIPHERTOOLS.COM.

If you bought our software through PayPal, the charge will likely appear as PAYPAL *DECIPHER.