I need to know the exact steps to get Decipher TextMessage working!

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Jay Walsh

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Here are the exact steps to help get you up and running with Decipher TextMessage.

  1. You download and install Decipher TextMessage on your computer and NOT directly on your iPhone. When you are on your Mac or Windows computer simply click the blue download button at http://deciphertools.com/download-decipher-textmessage.html

  2. Decipher TextMessage automatically reads in any existing iPhone backups that reside on your computer. If you don't see your iPhone or iPad in the left-hand column of Decipher TextMessage, then you need to make a backup of your iOS device on your computer. Make sure you are backing up on your computer and NOT to iCloud. Click here for instructions on how to back up your iOS device on your computer. If you still don't see your device in Decipher TextMessage after backing it up on your computer, please send us a support email.

  3. With your iOS device now showing up in Decipher TextMessage, you can activate the device with the product license code that you were sent after purchasing the program. This will convert the trial version to the paid version of the program for that device. Click here for instructions on how to activate a device with your Decipher TextMessage license code.

  4. To save text messages to your computer, select the device, choose a contact, and pick EXPORT from the menu. Select the "Current Conversation PDF" option to save the text messages to your PC or Mac.

Click here for a helpful product video that walks you through all these steps.

If you still have troubles, simply contact us via our Decipher Tools Support page and we'll email you back with help!