How do I reinstall any Decipher Tools program on my computer?

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If you need to reinstall any Decipher Tools program on your computer or download the software on a different computer, you can do so from the links below:

Decipher TextMessage Version 18 Installer:

Decipher Backup Repair Version 17 Installer:

Decipher Backup Browser Version 18 Installer:

Decipher Messenger Export Version 5 Installer:

Decipher Insta Export Version 4 Installer:

Decipher Twit-DM Export Version 2 Installer:

Decipher VoiceMail Version 17 Installer:

Decipher Chat Version 18 Installer:

Decipher Screen Time Version 16 Installer:

Once you download and install the program, you will likely need to enter your license code to convert the program from the free trial to the paid version again.

If you have any troubles, you can contact us via our Decipher Tools Support page and we will write you back to assist!