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How to print out iPhone text messages?

Jay W.

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Step 1. Run Decipher TextMessage. Select the iPhone and contact you want to print text messages for.

Step 2. Export the messages you want to print by pressing the "Export" button. Choose "plain text" if you do not want any graphics or bubbles. Select "text messages and attachments" if you want images, videos, and iPhone like formatting; this will create a folder with the images needed for the conversation and an HTML file laying it all out in the location you chose.

Step 3. Open the exported HTML file on your computer by double-clicking it. Print out the the exported text messages using the File menu > Print.

A few notes specific to what operating system you are running Decipher TextMessage on:


Open the exported HTML file in Internet Explorer or Edge and see if you like how that displays for printing. Most versions of IE will not show the colored bubbles as they are shown in the program, and instead will show blue and grey bubbles -- you may prefer this format for printing. If not, try opening the HTML file in Google Chrome ( or Safari for Windows (

The Print button within Decipher TextMessage should use the print functionality from Safari to render the printout just as you see on the Decipher TextMessage screen (but likely wider). You can follow the steps above to export the text messages if you prefer to print using Google Chrome or Firefox.

We also have more thorough directions for printing iPhone text messages on our Decipher Tools blog!