I just paid for a Decipher Tools program and my license code doesn't work!

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If you just purchased any Decipher Tools program and your license code is not working, don't panic! ;-) It's usually a quick fix to solve the issue. Here is what to try:

  1. Make sure you are typing in your license code correctly. This sounds obvious, however many times that is the issue.

  2. Check to be sure that the internet connection and network you are using is not blocking the program or behind a firewall. If you are unable to register your copy of the program, usually the easy remedy is to simply try a different Wi-Fi connection and that will often solve the issue. After trying a different internet connection, the software should then be able to connect to the license server so that you can register your copy of any Decipher Tools program.

  3. Double-check that the license code you are using is for the correct product. Many times a customer will purchase the wrong program by accident.

If you are still having troubles and cannot get up and running, simply contact us via our Decipher Tools Support page and we'll email you back with help!