Does Decipher TextMessage save or store my private text messages on the internet?

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Jay Walsh

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No! When you use Decipher TextMessage to save and print your text messages, ALL your data is private and only YOU have access to your messages. The program and all of its data is stored locally on your Mac or Windows computer and nothing is ever saved on the internet or on servers. We designed the software with privacy in mind so that you are in control of all your exported iPhone text message data and no one else besides yourself has access to your saved iPhone text message history or conversations.

When you export your messages, all of your exported data is saved where you choose on your computer. For our HTML file export, you can open the exported HMTL file in your local web browser on your computer to view or print the exported messages with chat bubble formatting. You'll notice that you are simply using your web browser to "view" the exported file and that nothing is online. You can verify this by simply looking at the local file URL in the address bar.

Also, Decipher TextMessage has been verified virus and malware-free by Softpedia and our entire website is run over HTTPS to ensure that our site is safe and your information stays private during the purchase transaction. Look for the lock icon in your browser to verify this.

If you every have any questions or concerns about your data or privacy when using Decipher TextMessage, simply contact us via our support page and we'll get back to you with help!