Reasons why Decipher TextMessage software is used to print text messages for court, trial, and evidence

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Jay Walsh

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Here are a few reasons why the software Decipher TextMessage is used around the world to save and print iPhone text messages for court, evidence, and legal documentation:

  • Time Stamp / Contact Info on Every Message - Decipher TextMessage has a unique preference that includes the time stamp, date, and contact information on every single text message both sent and received. This feature is helpful for court, legal documentation, discovery, or evidence purposes. Lawyers, legal counsel, and judges often recommend that the PDF of your iPhone text messages display the sender/recipient and time stamp on all messages and Decipher TextMessage provides this important feature.

  • Search capability - Prior to exporting text messages for court, attorneys and lawyers often ask a client to thoroughly search their message history for messages relevant to their legal case. The robust search features of Decipher TextMessage are a welcomed asset when gathering text messages for evidence. Users can search for contacts, keywords, phone numbers, and more. Text message searches be be conducted across all messages with all contacts or narrowed down to search one conversation between two people.

  • Varied Export Options Including Date Range - Decipher TextMessage enables text messages to be exported for court in a variety of helpful formats for court or any legal proceeding. These include: PDF, HTML, CSV, and Plain Text. There is also a helpful "Date Range" export option that enables a user to narrow down their text message export to the exact dates and times of the messages relevant to their court case.

  • Photo and Video Attachments - Decipher TextMessage includes any attachments in-line as part of your text message PDF exported document. The software also enables users to export a separate stand-alone folder of all their text message photos and video attachments.

  • iTunes Not Required - Decipher TextMessage has a custom "Text Messages Only" backup option that will back up just a user's texts and attachments and not their entire iOS device. iTunes is not needed to complete the backup. For any user, lawyer, or legal assistant using Decipher TextMessage to save text messages for a legal case, this feature helps simplify the process.

  • Accuracy - Decipher TextMessage imports text message data direct directly from the user's iOS backup on their computer. There is no way to edit text message data in the program.

  • Reliability - Throughout each year and iOS product cycles, Decipher TextMessage is kept up-to-date and compatible with the latest iOS, macOS and iPhone and iPad releases. You can view the latest release notes here.

  • Privacy - When using Decipher TextMessage to save and print text messages for court, the user's data is private and local on their computer. We do not upload any user data or have access to the iPhone/iPad backup data.

  • Security - Decipher TextMessage software is malware free. Click here for a recent scan of the most recent Decipher TextMessage installer. For Windows, Decipher TextMessage has been signed with an EV CodeSign certificate for over a decade and have a long verified track record of being vetted as a company for the certificates as well as not having any malware signed by those certificates ever. For Mac, we are registered with the Apple Developer Program and Decipher TextMessage is signed/notarized with Apple prior to any product release or update.

  • USA-Based Company and Product Support - Decipher TextMessage is developed here in the USA and all product support is handled by our USA-based product support staff. We’re real people developing and designing software to help others. If you need Decipher TextMessage product support, you can contact us via our support page. You can also click here to read customer testimonials from Decipher TextMessage users around the world.