Is Decipher TextMessage a trustworthy third-party software program?

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Jay Walsh

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Decipher TextMessage is safe to install and run on any Mac or Windows computer. Decipher TextMessage is vetted and used around the world by individuals, corporations, law firms, government orgs, and law enforcement agencies.

For our Windows software, we've been signing our programs with an EV CodeSign certificate for over a decade and we have a long track record of being vetted as a company for the certificates as well as not having any malware signed by those certificates ever. Click here for a recent scan of the Decipher TextMessage for Windows installer.

For our Mac software, we are registered with the Apple Developer Program and sign/notarize all of our Mac apps including Decipher TextMessage with Apple prior to release.

Privacy - When a user installs and runs Decipher TextMessage on their computer, all the user's text message data is private and local on their PC or Mac. The user is in complete control of their data. We do not upload any user data or have access to any user iPhone/iPad backups.

Decipher Tools software programs are made here in the USA. All our product support is also handled by our USA-based team. Our offices are located in San Francisco, California and Phoenix, Arizona.

For questions or product support contact us via our support page and we will be happy to reply back and assist.