There's No Desktop or Start Menu Shortcut!

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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If you just installed Decipher TextMessage and you're not seeing a Desktop or Start Menu shortcut, send us an email! This is a rare Windows installation issue that we see, and we'd like to track it down to get it fixed. Be sure to let us know what version of Windows you're running.

In the meantime, we can launch Decipher TextMessage from its installation location in Program files.

* Windows 8 and 10: In the Windows search bar type %programfiles(x86)% (with the percents) and press return/enter.

* Windows 7, Vista, XP: From the start menu, select Run. In the run box, type %programfiles(x86)% (with the percents) and press return/enter.

A file browser window will open to the Program Files (x86) folder.

* Open the Decipher Media folder and then the Decipher TextMessage folder.

* Double-click the "decipher" icon with the green Decipher TextMessage box icon. That is the program that the desktop and start menu icon point to.