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Decipher TextMessage does not recognize my most recent text messages!

Jay Walsh

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If Decipher TextMessage does not recognize your most recent text messages, the first thing to try is to force a new backup of your iPhone via iTunes. Sometimes iTunes only "syncs" and doesn't actually back up. After forcing a new backup, restart Decipher TextMessage and then your most recent messages should appear in the program. You can also check in the left-hand column of the software and ensure that the "backup date" under your device is current.

If this still doesn't help, make sure that the device you are backing up has been activated with your license code so that you can save / access all your messages. Once a device has been activated, the phone (and any associated backups) will have green checkmarks on them.

If you haven't used Decipher TextMessage in a while, but have used it previously, we recommend that you make sure you've updated to the latest version of Decipher TextMessage either by clicking the "Check for Updates" button within the program, or downloading the latest version of Decipher TextMessage from our website. Updating will replace your current version of the program, but will keep your existing data and license/activation information intact.

If you still have troubles accessing your most recent text messages after trying the above tips, simply drop us a support email and we'll help.