How Do I Export a Text Message Log for a Certain Time Period?

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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If you only want to create a text message transcript for a certain period of time, you can use the "Date Range" export option in Decipher TextMessage to save your text messages for the desired days.

  1. Select your iPhone or iPad in Decipher TextMessage.
  2. Select the conversation for which you want to export text messages.
  3. Press the "Export" button, and select "Export Current Conversation" > "Text, Photos, and Attachments (date range)".
  4. Choose the start and end date that you want to save the messages for, and then press "Export". You'll be prompted to select where to save the message log.

Use the date range export in Decipher TextMessage to make a log of text messages for a certain period of time.