My Messages are Showing up as Weird Symbols and Funny Characters

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Steve B, Support Specialist for Decipher Media
Steve B.

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Hello 10 Windows users! Steve here, from you Decipher Tools Support Team!

Have you recently used Decipher TextMessage but all of your messages are showing up as symbols, foreign characters, and a bunch of unreadable gobbledygook? Well, we are here to help! Try these steps below to get your exported texts to look like they are supposed to.

  1. Restart your PC. A majority of the time this simple restart fixes the issue. Once restarted, open the software and try again.
  2. If the restart did not work, check to see if there is an update for your operating system. Here is the Microsoft link for you to check.
  3. If that still does not correct the issue, contact us via our Support Page for further troubleshooting.