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How Do I Recover Deleted Text Messages?

Decipher TextMessage has the ability to scan the Messages app database from your iPhone backups and look for deleted text message history. To look at your iPhone deleted text messages:

  1. Select the iPhone whose backups you want to recover from in Decipher TextMessage.
  2. Click the “Recover” button.
  3. In the recovery page that pops up, use the filter text box to help you narrow your search, or skim through the history of deleted data.

At the bottom of the recovery page, you’ll also see a deleted “fragments” section. Fragments are parts of the text message databases that look like they may be messages, but we weren’t able to verify the format to fill in all of the message information (like sender and date).

Written by: Kelly Wilkerson
Updated on April 17, 2017

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