App Store keeps asking for your password on iOS 9?

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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Is the App Store or iTunes Store app on your iPhone repeatedly prompting your for your Apple ID and password? I mean repeatedly as in, you enter it, the iPhone thinks a moment, and then asks you again, never satisfied.

iOS 9 keeps asking me over and over for my iTunes password.

In iOS 8, the solution to this was pretty easy: You could sign out of your account in "App and iTunes Stores", reboot, and sign back in no problem. Starting in iOS 9, a few more settings share the same configuration file that the store apps use, making the solution a little more involved.

How to get the App Store to accept your Apple ID and password:

First, we sign out of everything that holds a reference to this database file:

  • Settings → App and iTunes Stores → Tap your Apple ID → Sign Out

  • Settings → Music → Scroll down to Home Sharing at the bottom → Tap your Apple ID → Sign Out

  • Settings → Videos → Tap your Apple ID under Home Sharing → Sign Out

  • Settings → Game Center → Tap your Apple ID → Sign Out

Next, we sign out of iCloud because it seems to be needed too.

  • Settings → iCloud → Scroll to bottom → Sign Out.

Here you will be prompted about whether you want to keep or delete iCloud synced data. I choose to delete the iCloud synced stuff from my iPhone, since it will come back when I sign back in. Do whatever you are comfortable with.

Now, we need to really make sure we let go by doing:

  • Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings

Wait for the iPhone to reboot.

Raise your eyebrows at the barrage of iMessages after the phone reboots if you get them... Now sign back into things.

  • Settings → Wi-Fi → Sign back into your wifi. This is critical if you don't have cell service, but nice either way.

  • Settings → App and iTunes Stores → Sign In

  • Settings → iCloud → Sign In

  • Settings → Music → Sign back into home sharing if you want

  • Settings → Videos → Sign back into home sharing if you want

  • Settings → Game Center → Sign back in if you want

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  • Nk February 2, 2018

    I forgot my Apple store password . How can I check it back?

  • Nk February 2, 2018

    I forgot my Apple store password. How can I check the same?

  • JP August 8, 2017

    I had the same issue where my iPad wanted a password with every free app download, including manual updates. After reading this article and groaning a bit in pain, I decided to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings in a Fix-All effort. This worked. I did not have to sign out manually of iCloud anywhere; I just had to enter my iTunes password once when I logged in, and now I can download free apps and updates quickly with no pw.

    This issue did seem to arise, for me, from attempting enabling restrictions. I was trying to disable apps so I could use a web version of an app. This was a bad idea, because it auto sorted all my apps on my home screen a-z when I turned it off, and seemed to introduce this free-app download password request issue. I also did attempt enabling restrictions again (Although I only tried disabling installing apps) after the reset, and the password issue did not re-appear.

    The downside is I have to update all my iOS settings, as they are now defaults. For one, I had to upgrade my notes to iOS 9+ standards; apparently this is required now. Also, for some reason iOS seems faster and more responsive overall after the update. This could reflect some background apps not yet functioning or a better optimization from the latest iOS changes.

  • Thorz

    Thorz December 12, 2016

    I had been having this problem during the last months on my daughter's iPhone, very frustrating. This procedure fixed it! The device is on iOS 10.2.
    It is worth mentioning that there are 2 other places where you will find your Apple ID signed in: The Messages and FaceTime settings but I didn't touch those. Maybe they do not share the same database file as described in the article.
    Thank you very much!
    EDIT: Well, it looks like the culprit is the Restrictions. I was going to lock the iPhone again with restrictions and immediately after you enable the restrictions menu you the problem reappears. I have already reported it to Apple using the feedback form, I recommend you to do it also:

    • Kelly HW

      Kelly HW December 12, 2016

      Hi Thorz - Thanks for commenting to let us know this worked for you on 10.2!

      • Thorz

        Thorz December 12, 2016

        Hi! If you read my edited answer you will see that the problem came back after trying to activate restrictions. It is a bug and I have reported it.

        • Kelly HW

          Kelly HW December 12, 2016

          Drat! I will see if I can replicate the problem coming back after turning on Restrictions and if I have any tricks to try!

          • Thorz

            Thorz December 12, 2016


  • Joseph Gonzales

    Joseph Gonzales September 9, 2016

    My iPhone is jailbroke, will resetting the phone wipe my jailbreak? Will I have to reinstall jailbreak app?

    • Kelly HW

      Kelly HW September 9, 2016

      HI Joseph,

      My honest answer is "I'm not sure" since I don't work with iOS 9 jailbreak a lot. But, I think it depends on the iOS version jailbreak you're on. This reddit post makes it sounds like you can reset settings (not content), but I would do a search about your specific jailbreak version to make sure.

    • Varindra Persad

      Varindra Persad December 12, 2016

      Resetting settings won't affect jailbreak, unless you click, erase and reset all settings! I'm Jailbroken as well on 9.0.2

  • JK June 6, 2016

    Excellent advice

  • SKP

    SKP March 3, 2016

    The iSheep way of doing things which every apple fanboy eill be proud of.

    • Peter

      Peter May 5, 2016

      iSheep or no, after trying other suggestions from other sites, this is the only one that worked for me, so I'll take it!

  • Foda December 12, 2015

    No, don't erase your settings! I had this issue in iOS 8 and then it popped back up in iOS 9 and finally figured it out.

    In Settings → App and iTunes Stores, there should be a subscreen under your Apple ID for Password Settings. I looked but couldn't find it. I read that if you have Touch ID active, it will be hidden. Problem is that I have an iPhone 5 WITHOUT Touch ID.

    I *do*, however, have Restrictions turned on to prevent in-app purchases. Apparently, the Password Settings is ALSO hidden if Restrictions is turned on. I went there and found that the neither option was selected and that Require Password for free downloads was turned on.

    So the solution that worked for me was to go to Settings → General → Restrictions → Password Settings, select a password timeout setting, and turn OFF the Require Password for free downloads.

    Hope this helps!


    • Kelly HW

      Kelly HW December 12, 2015

      I will setup the problem on one of my test iPhones, and try this out -- thank you! If it works, then I would definitely prefer to recommend a solution without a settings reset! :)

    • Arrtam

      Arrtam March 3, 2016

      Looked for this trail and didn't find it, but I *did* find Settings --> General --> Background App Refresh. All apps are listed here. Most of mine already had the setting to be "on" but maybe a half-dozen were "off." I turned them on, we'll see what happens in a couple days.