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App Store keeps asking for your password on iOS 9?

Kelly Wilkerson

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Is the App Store or iTunes Store app on your iPhone repeatedly prompting your for your Apple ID and password? I mean repeatedly as in, you enter it, the iPhone thinks a moment, and then asks you again, never satisfied.

iOS 9 keeps asking me over and over for my iTunes password.

In iOS 8, the solution to this was pretty easy: You could sign out of your account in "App and iTunes Stores", reboot, and sign back in no problem. Starting in iOS 9, a few more settings share the same configuration file that the store apps use, making the solution a little more involved.

How to get the App Store to accept your Apple ID and password:

First, we sign out of everything that holds a reference to this database file:

  • Settings → App and iTunes Stores → Tap your Apple ID → Sign Out

  • Settings → Music → Scroll down to Home Sharing at the bottom → Tap your Apple ID → Sign Out

  • Settings → Videos → Tap your Apple ID under Home Sharing → Sign Out

  • Settings → Game Center → Tap your Apple ID → Sign Out

Next, we sign out of iCloud because it seems to be needed too.

  • Settings → iCloud → Scroll to bottom → Sign Out.

Here you will be prompted about whether you want to keep or delete iCloud synced data. I choose to delete the iCloud synced stuff from my iPhone, since it will come back when I sign back in. Do whatever you are comfortable with.

Now, we need to really make sure we let go by doing:

  • Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings

Wait for the iPhone to reboot.

Raise your eyebrows at the barrage of iMessages after the phone reboots if you get them... Now sign back into things.

  • Settings → Wi-Fi → Sign back into your wifi. This is critical if you don't have cell service, but nice either way.

  • Settings → App and iTunes Stores → Sign In

  • Settings → iCloud → Sign In

  • Settings → Music → Sign back into home sharing if you want

  • Settings → Videos → Sign back into home sharing if you want

  • Settings → Game Center → Sign back in if you want