Do UK Mobile Networks let me save or export my iPhone text messages?

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UK iPhone Users How to Save / Export Text Messages to Your Computer.

Here at Decipher Tools Headquarters, we often receive emails from iPhone users in the United Kingdom inquiring whether their mobile phone network or carrier backs up or saves copies of customer’s text messages on the company’s servers. The answer is unfortunately no, they don’t! Whether you uses BT Mobile, Vodafone, O2, EE, Virgin Media, Sky Mobile, or Three Mobile as your UK phone network, these companies do not provide UK iPhone customers with ability to access or save their text message communications. This is a good thing from a privacy standpoint, since your personal communications are not being stored without your consent on your mobile network’s severs. However, it also means that all UK iPhone users need an alternative solution to save iPhone text messages to their Windows or Mac computer.

There are very rare cases where U.K. carriers like Vodafone, BT Mobile, or others might provide call logs to authorities in legal matters or for an investigation, however most of the UK’s cell providers choose to never store customer’s personal data or text message history or communication. This leaves it up to a customer to find their own solution which sometimes has people resorting to taking screenshots of messages for safe keeping, a process which can be time consuming and laborious to maintain and organize.

How can UK iPhone user save or transfer iPhone text message to computer?

For U.K. iPhone users that want the ability to export iPhone text messages, we recommend using Decipher TextMessage. The software enables anyone to copy their text messages to their computer as well as print and email iPhone text messages to colleagues, friends, or family any where in the world.

Decipher TextMessage is compatible with all desktop PC’s in the UK and gives users is Britain, Scotland, and Norther Ireland, the ability to also export their text messages in PDF format retaining both the iPhone chat bubble formatting and displaying image attachments as part of the text message conversation. You can download the free trial of Decipher TextMessage and get a good feel for the program to see if the features suit your own personal needs.

Three easy steps for UK iPhone users to save text messages.

  1. Install Decipher TextMessage.
  2. Open the program and select your iPhone.
  3. Choose a contact and then select “Export” in the menu.

Vodafone save text messages to computer

After exporting your text messages with Decipher TextMessage, you can open the exported file to print your messages or save them in PDF format so that you can email the entire thread for business or personal reasons.

Do you have questions about best practices for saving your iPhone text messages regardless of what UK mobile network you currently use? Just drop us a support email here at Decipher Tools headquarters and we’ll get back to you with help. Be proactive and get your iPhone text messages backed up with an extra duplicate copy saved on your PC or Mac. That way, should you ever experience an issue with your device, you won’t have to contact your UK mobile carrier hoping they have copies of your missing text message history.