How to Save and Print iPhone Notes on Your Computer

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Jay Walsh

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How to Save and Print iPhone Notes on Your Computer

Most iPhone users today enjoy the convenience of the Notes app for jotting down information or ideas. Whether you keep your supermarket shopping list in the Notes app, store business ideas for work, write lyrical ideas down if you are musician or for any other reasons, the Notes app is one of the most regularly used apps on the iPhone and iPad.

Back up your iPhone notes

Before you even think about saving and printing out your Notes, the first thing you should always do on a regular basis is make sure you have backed up your iPhone. This will ensure that copies of your Notes are stored safely either on your computer or in iCloud. Trust me, if you have ever lost your iPhone or it has been damaged and your Notes were never backed up, it’s an awful feeling!

You can backup your iPhone Notes either on your computer or via iCloud. Whichever choice works for you, be proactive in 2020 and start backing up your iPhone regularly! Note: If you are on a Mac running Catalina or Big Sur you now back up your iOS device via the Finder and not iTunes.

Save and Print iPhone Notes on any Mac or Windows Computer

One day you wake up and realize you want to save or print out various Notes on your iPhone or iPad. The good news is that this is easier than you think! A simple and effective way to accomplish this task is with Decipher Backup Browser. The program runs on any Windows or Mac computer and will import all your Notes from your backup and then let you save and print them.

Export and print iPhone Notes on your computer

To save and print iPhone notes on your computer follow theses steps:

  1. Back up an iPhone on your computer.
  2. Open Decipher Backup Browser.
  3. Choose a backup.
  4. Pick “On my iPhone Notes."
  5. Select Save to export Notes from iPhone to computer.
  6. Open saved Notes and select Print to print out iPhone Notes.

Download Decipher Backup Browser

In order to save an print iPhone Notes you first need to make a backup of your iPhone on your computer. Again, if you are on a Mac running Catalina or Big Sur you simply backup up via the Finder.

When you plug your iPhone into your computer and launch iTunes or the Finder you'll see the option to "Back Up Now."

Back up your iPhone in order to save Notes.

Open up Decipher Backup Browser on your computer.

Decipher Backup Browser screenshot so you can save and print iPhone Notes.

Select a backup in the left-hand column of Decipher BackupBrowser.

Select a backup in Decipher Backup Browser to save your iPhone notes and print them out.

In the middle column of the program, choose "On My iPhone Notes."

Choose On My iPhone Notes int he middle column to save Notes from iPhone to computer.

Select "Save" in order to save your iPhone Notes to your Windows or Mac computer.

Select Save to export and save iPhone notes to your computer.

Open your iPhone notes and print them out!

Decipher Backup Browser lets you save iPhone Notes to computer and print them out.

Pro Tip: There are several Notes options in the middle column of the program and also a "Deleted Notes" section that is helpful if you need to try and recover Notes that you erased and now hope to retrieve.

That covers it for today's quick tutorial about saving iPhone notes to computer. If you have any questions about how to save, print, or recover iPhone Notes, you can contact us via our Decipher Tools support page and we'll be happy to reply from either our San Francisco or Phoenix offices!