Restore Your Sluggish iPhone as New Without Losing Your Data!

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Jay Walsh

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Here at the Decipher Tools office in San Francisco we often receive emails from iPhone users who say that their iPhone is sluggish, buggy, or performing poorly. The question these users most often ask is “is there a way I start over and set up my iPhone as new but still retain some of my important iPhone data like text messages, photos, and apps?”

After working directly with customers over the last year, we are excited to release Decipher Phone Refresh. The software enables any iPhone user to clean and rid their device of buggy and sluggish settings files (or what we call “cruft”) that cause the iPhone and iPhone battery to have problems over time. Users can then restore their iPhone as new ("factory restore") while simultaneously keeping important data such as text messages, photos, and apps.

Is Decipher Phone Refresh the right program for your needs? This is a great question. iPhone users that need this software most likely fall into several different categories. If you are trying to troubleshoot any of the following areas then Decipher Phone Refresh should be helpful for your needs.

iPhone Battery Problems

iPhone battery issues are a very common complaint from iPhone users worldwide. Beyond a defective battery in a new device where a user needs to return the iPhone to Apple for a replacement, the most common iPhone battery complaint is an iOS device’s battery drains very quickly in a short amount of time.

There are a lot of articles out there about adjusting iPhone settings to preserve battery life (we've even written some!), but over time, even after these tweaks, iPhone battery life degrades over time. Some (but not much) battery loss over time is normal, but some is just due to an accumulation of background tasks, settings “junk”, etc from installing stuff on your iPhone. Many times by cleaning the iPhone of unnecessary cruft and other problematic files, iPhone users will notice an improvement in battery life. Restoring your phone with Decipher Phone Refresh will solve many issues that cause common battery drain.

iPhone “Other” Space.

How can I get rid of other space on my iPhone

The confusion of “what is the ‘other space’ on my iPhone" is a popular topic in iPhone forums all over the internet. While we’re not going to dive into all the aspects of “other space” here in this post, the important take away is that one of the primary ways that an iPhone user can wipe out and reset the other space on their iPhone or iPad is to restore the device as new. Many users don’t want to take that approach since they will lose important data on their device. Decipher Phone Refresh solves this issue and enable users to reset their iPhone as new, cleaning out the dreaded other space, all while retaining their existing crucial data from their backup.

iPhone Sluggishness

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why one’s iPhone is acting buggy, however many people say to us that their iPhone is much more sluggish and slow compared to when they first started using the device and it was brand new! Over time this can occur for many reasons including the installation of space-hogging apps (and all the settings files that accompany this process), as well as maintaining large numbers of music files, photos, videos, text messages, which can all complicate and add to the “general sluggishness” of an iPhone. Decipher Phone Refresh will solve many of these issues while enabling your to keep the files you need!

If you have any questions or are curious if Decipher Phone Refresh might be right for your needs, drop us a support email via our contact page. We're a USA based company in San Francisco and Phoenix and we respond to everyone! Also, we encourage you to read some of customer testimonials!