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How To Save and Email Text Messages in PDF format - Mac or Windows

Jay W.

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Send any iPhone text messages to someone via email.

Over the last 20 years, communicating via text messages has increased dramatically in all corners of the world. Over 19 billion text messages are sent each day globally! With this amount of text messaging happening every single day, there often comes the need to save the text / SMS conversations so that one can email text messages to business partners, friends, or family members. For most people, figuring out how to transfer one's text messages to computer so that you can then send the messages via email is not an easy task.

Why would someone want to email copies of text messages?

People are often curious why someone would not just simply forward text messages via Apple's Messages app to the person who you needs to see them. If someone needs to only forward a few messages, this option might suffice. However, if you want to forward more than just a few text messages with photo attachments, this process is very cumbersome and not practical both from a time and file size standpoint.

Required items you will need

  • Computer - A Windows or Mac computer is required to save, PDF, and email your text messages.

  • iTunes - Enables you to backup your iOS device.

  • Decipher TextMessage - Facilitates saving the text messages to a PDF document.

Download Decipher Text Message

Steps to email iPhone text messages as a PDF

Step 1: Make a backup of your iPhone / iPad

To backup your iPhone via iTunes you should plug your device into your Windows or Mac and then launch iTunes. After selecting your device, you can select "Back Up Now." Once your phone has been backed up, the latest backup date in the iTunes windows will be current and this is how you know you've successfully backed up your iPhone or iPad.

Save text messages to your Mac or Windows Computer

Step 2: Open Decipher TextMessage

After backing up your iPhone, run Decipher TextMessage on your computer. When it first opens you'll see your device in the left-hand column of the software. If you don't see your device then make sure you've actually made a local iTunes backup and not just synced the phone.

Step 3: Select your iPhone and a contact

Once your device appears in the program, simply select your iPhone or iPad and then choose a contact whose messages you want to export. Once a contact is selected you'll immediately see all the messages from that contact in the right-hand column.

Save text messages to your Mac or Windows Computer

Step 4: Choose the "PDF" export option

Simply select the Export option the menu of the program and then choose PDF! You can then immediately export the PDF of your text/SMS messages to your Mac or PC.

Save text messages to your Mac or Windows Computer

When you open the PDF document it displays photo attachments and also includes the contact and phone number on every single text message! This feature is helpful documentation for trial, court, or legal purposes so that it's clear who sent every single text message or iMessage. Here's a sample PDF of exported iPhone text messages:

Save text messages to your Mac or Windows Computer

Step 5: Email the PDF document of your text messages to any contact

Open your email client and attach the saved PDF to your email and send away. If you find the PDF file is too large to send via email, you can easily upload the file to a cloud storage solution of your choice so that it can be downloaded by the intended recipient.


Once you export your text messages and have them in PDF format, you can quickly send the PDF containing all the messages and photo attachments to anyone in the world. Hopefully today's tutorial has been helpful. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We're USA based in San Francisco and Phoenix and we respond to everyone!