How to Print WhatsApp Messages - iPhone

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Jay Walsh

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Follow these steps to print WhatsApp messages on PC or Mac.

If you are looking for instructions about how to print out WhatsApp messages, today's Decipher Tools tutorial should help!

Why would I want to print WhatsApp chat messages, you ask? WhatsApp users around the world often need to save and print their messages for various personal and business reasons.

This includes printing WhatsApp messages for court, trial, or for one's lawyer or attorney. Other people in the business world like realtors often need to print WhatsApp texts to document messages with their clients. For personal use, many WhatsApp users like to export and print WhatsApp messages from loved ones or family members so that the moments will be saved and retained forever.

Items needed to print out WhatsApp messages

  • Windows or Mac Computer - You can save and print WhatsApp messages on any Windows or Mac computer.

  • Ability to back up your iPhone or iPad - You need to be able to back up your iPhone or iPad on your computer. This is done either via iTunes or via the Finder if you are on a Mac that is running macOS Catalina or macOS BigSur.

  • Decipher Chat - The program runs on your computer and will let you save and print out all your WhatsApp messages and photos.

Download Decipher Chat

Export and print WhatsApp messages on your computer

Follow these specific steps to print out WhatsApp messages

  1. Open Decipher Chat.
  2. Select your iPhone.
  3. Choose a contact that has WhatsApp messages you want to print.
  4. Click Save as PDF.
  5. Open the saved PDF of your WhatsApp messages and select Print.

Here's a screenshot example of how Decipher Chat displays your WhatsApp messages. It's easy to select a contact and save the messages to computer so that you can print them.

Screenshot of Decipher Chat showing available WhatsApp conversations for viewing and printing

When you export and print your WhatsApp messages using Decipher Chat, the message conversations also include all the photo attachments contained in that specific conversation.

Here's an example of how the WhatsApp messages look like when you save them as PDF for printing:

Screenshot of Decipher Chat showing how WhatsApp messages are displayed as PDF before printing them out

You can also print your WhatsApp messages as an HTML document, which would look like this:

Screenshot of Decipher Chat showing how WhatsApp messages are displayed before printing them out

WhatsApp popularity around the world

As of 2020, WhatsApp has approximately over 68 million users in the United States. The projected world wide audience for 2023 is almost 86 million users! Tech Crunch also recently reported that WhatsApp’s biggest market is India where over 400 million people use WhatsApp for messaging.

With so many people around the world using WhatsApp to send and receive text messages, it's no surprise that everyday there are thousands of WhatsApp users that have a sudden and urgent need to print out their WhatsApp chats and photos.

If you need any assistance as you start to print WhatsApp messages with Decipher Chat or if you have further questions, feel free to contact us via our Decipher Tools support page. One of our staff in either our San Francisco or Phoenix offices will be happy to reply.