Print WhatsApp Chats to PDF

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Jay Walsh

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If you have WhatsApp chats on your iPhone or iPad that you need to print out as a PDF, today’s Decipher Tools instructions will help you accomplish that task in just minutes.

There are currently over 2.78 billion monthly active WhatsApp users in the world and it's very common for iPhone and iPad users to have a need to print their WhatsApp chats as a PDF.

Printing WhatsApp chats to PDF requires that you first save the WhatsApp messages from your iPhone to your computer. To accomplish this task, we recommend using the software Decipher Chat.

Decipher Chat is a helpful program runs on any Mac or Windows computer and the software will read in all your WhatsApp chats from all your contacts.

You can select any WhatsApp contact and print out the WhatsApp messages on your computer as a PDF file.

How to print WhatsApp chats to PDF

Follow these specific steps to print WhatsApp chats to PDF:

  1. Launch Decipher Chat.
  2. Plug in your iPhone and select "Back Up."
  3. Select your iPhone.
  4. Pick a WhatsApp contact that has chat messages you want to print.
  5. Choose Save as PDF.
  6. Double-click on PDF and select “Print” to print out your WhatsApp chats.

Download Decipher Chat

After backing up your iPhone on your computer you'll see all your WhatApp contacts displayed in Decipher Chat. Select any contact and your WhatsApp chat history will be visible in the far right column of the program.

Print WhatsApp Chats To PDF.

To export and save the WhatsApp chats as a PDF document, select "Save" in the menu and choose the "Save as PDF" option.

Select save to save and print WhatsApp messages and chats as a PDF.
WhatsApp Date Range Export Option - If you don't want to save and print your entire WhatsApp chat history with a specific contact, you can choose the convenient "Save as PDF (Date Range)" option. This feature will enable you to export and print just the window of dates and message time frames that you need.

Exported PDF of WhatsApp Chats - Example

Here's an example of what your WhatsApp chats will look like after your save them to your computer as a PDF:
PDF document example of WhatsApp chats ready to be printed out.
Note: In the exported PDF of your WhatsApp chats, the sender and recipient's phone number is displayed on every WhatsApp message and time stamps are also present. These features are helpful for documentation and evidence purposes.


When you use Decipher Chat to print WhatsApp messages as a PDF, all your message data is completely private on your computer! You are the only one with access to your WhatsApp messages and none of your chats are ever stored in the cloud or accessible by anyone but yourself!


If you are a WhatsApp user and have an iPhone or iPad, we sure hope that today's tips on how to print WhatsApp chats to PDF has been helpful!

If you require any additional assistance saving or printing WhatsApp messages, feel free to email us via our Decipher Tools support page and one of our team from our USA offices will be happy to reply. Happy WhatsApp message printing!