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Today’s tutorial instructions will show you how to convert iPhone text messages to PDF on a Windows or Mac computer.

After converting and saving the text messages you can print out your text messages in PDF format.

With over 1.3 billion iPhone users in the world today, the need to export and convert texts to PDF is a common necessity for users in countries around the globe.

The first attempt by most iPhone users to take screenshots of their text messages. However, if you have a large amount of text messages, the process of taking screenshots and then trying to format, organize, and print the screenshots can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming!

Let's get started so you can learn how easy it is to save, preserve, and print iPhone text messages to PDF in an easy-to-read format.

Convert text messages to PDF

How to convert iPhone text messages to PDF?

Follow these specific steps to convert and print iPhone text messages to PDF

  1. Back up an iPhone on your computer.
  2. Run Decipher TextMessage and select your iPhone.
  3. Pick a contact with text messages you want to convert to PDF.
  4. Click Export PDF to save and convert your text messages to PDF.

What items do I need to convert text messages to PDF?

  • iOS Device - You need an iPhone or iPad

  • Computer - To convert and save iPhone text messages to PDF a Windows or Mac Computer is required.

  • Decipher TextMessage - The popular third-party software program that exports iPhone text messages to a PDF file.

When you open Decipher TextMessage to convert your text messages to PDF you’ll see your iPhone in the left-hand column of the software.

Open Decipher TextMessage and you'll see your iPhone so you can save text messages with your landlord.

Note: If you don’t see your device in Decipher TextMessage when you open the program, make sure you have backed up the iPhone on your computer.

Decipher TextMessage also has a convenient "Text Message Only" Back Up feature that will back up only your text messages and attachments and not your entire iPhone! This is great for users who are concerned that they don't have enough hard drive space on their Windows or Mac computer to complete a full backup of their iPhone or iPad.

After selecting a contact in Decipher TextMessage, you'll see all your text messages in the far-right column of the software. You can now select "Export Current Conversation PDF."

Select an iPhone contact to export text messages to PDF.

Below is an example of a finalized PDF export containing your iPhone text messages and photo attachments:

Open the PDF that contains the text messages between landlord and tenant and print them out.

Download Decipher Text Message

Benefits of text message to PDF export

  • Time stamp and contact details on every message - When converting and saving your text messages as a PDF file, Decipher TextMessage has a unique feature that displays the contact info and time stamp on every single text messages and iMessage that is sent and received. This is important for users that are generating text message documents for trial, lawyers, or legal evidence.

  • Includes photo attachments - Any photos attachments that are part of your text messages or iMessage conversation will be include in-line in the export PDF.

  • Messages on the iPhone remain untouched - When you convert text messages to PDF, the text message and iMessage data on your iPhone or iPad remains untouched.

  • Privacy - When you convert texts messages to PDF with Decipher TextMessage, all your text message data is private on your PC or Mac. No data is stored on servers or in the cloud.

Reasons for converting text messages to PDF

  • Easy-to-Read Format - Converting your texts to PDF will produce a document that is easy to read in chat bubble format.

  • Court or Legal - The exported PDF of your texts can be used for court, trial, or for evidence.

  • Business messages - Keep a record of text messages with business colleagues or clients.

  • Personal or family texts - Save important text messages with friends, family, or loved ones.

Do you need help to convert and save text messages from your iPhone to PDF?

If you are trying to convert texts to PDF and need any assistance, contact us via our Decipher Tools support page and one of our team in San Francisco or Phoenix will get back to you with help!

We are a USA based company and work with individual iPhone users around the world as well as corporate, legal, and government clients to ensure that anyone can accurately and securely save and print important iPhone text messages.