How to Save and Print iPhone Text Messages with the Contact and Time Stamp on Every Message

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Jay Walsh

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Today's tutorial is a how-to-guide that will help you save iPhone text messages to your computer with the contact and time stamp information listed on each individual text message! This is especially useful for business or legal purposes when a user needs to document not only the entire SMS message thread, but also who specifically sent and received every individual text message or iMessage.

Apple's Messages app displays text messages on the iPhone without the contact name next to each individual message. The recipient name is only listed at the very top of the entire conversation thread. Most iPhone users will already be familiar with this experience and how the Messages app presents the data on the phone. While this format is easy on the eyes and makes for a better flow of the text message conversation, it doesn't work well for verifying the sender and recipient of each specific message.

Messages app showing contact on each text message

Decipher TextMessage provides iPhone users with the option to save text messages to their computer with the name and contact information on each individual message. A user can choose "preferences" in the software menu and select the option to “Show Contact On Every Message.” After enabling this feature, all the exported iPhone text messages will conveniently have the device name and phone number displayed on every single text message within that specific text message and iMessage thread.

Show Contact on Every Message option in Decipher TextMessage

Instructions to save iPhone text messages with the contacts listed on every message

Follow these steps to save and print text messages with the time stamp and contact information on each specific message

  1. Back up an iPhone.
  2. Launch Decipher TextMessage on your Windows or Mac computer.
  3. Select your iPhone.
  4. Choose Preferences and select "Show Contact on Every Message."
  5. Select "Export" to save the text messages to computer.
  6. Open the PDF and print text messages with contacts and time stamps on each message.

When you first launch Decipher TextMessage, here's an example of what you will see in the program. All your contacts and text messages will be presented in chat bubble format:

Save text messages with time stamp and contact with Decipher TextMessage.

After saving your text messages from your iPhone to your computer as a PDF, you can then open the exported PDF document and all your saved text messages will appear with the contact on each individual text message.

Here's what your exported PDF of iPhone text messages will look like with the contact name and time stamp on each message:

Mac Messages exported as a PDF example.

Download Decipher Text Message

Everyone has different needs regarding how and why they save text messages to their PC or Mac. Enabling the Decipher TextMessage feature of showing the iPhone contact on every single text message gives users the ability to accurately document the sender and recipient on each specific text / SMS/ iMessage, no matter how short or long that specific message is.

We developed this feature as a result of our customers coming to us saying that this would be a useful add-on when printing text messages for court, trial, or legal reasons. We've also heard from many customers who use this feature regularly to document all their business text messages chats.

If you have any questions about this feature or need help exporting your text messages to your PC or Mac with the contact information and time stamp displayed on every individual text message, just contact us via our Decipher Tools Support Page and we'll be happy to respond! We're a USA based company (San Francisco and Phoenix) and we reply to everyone!