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Decipher Backup Repair Update 8.3.0

Kelly Wilkerson

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Today we pushed out a new update to Decipher Backup Repair, with some great improvements for encrypted backups and non-encrypted backups each!

Decipher Backup Repair is designed to fix iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch backups that are not restoring in iTunes. A few of the errors Decipher Backup Repair fixes are:

  • iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the backup was corrupt or not compatible

  • iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected

  • iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the backup session failed

(I've never seen the error "iTunes could not restore because an unknown error occurred" during a restore of a backup. If you're seeing this, we would love to hear from you so we can see why, and if Decipher Backup Repair fixes it.)

What's new in Decipher Backup Repair 8.3.0

  • Improvements to fix broken backups that exclude Messages data, photos, notes, contacts, and calendars so that data is restorable.

  • Improvements to encrypted backups to include many more files than previously possible in certain conditions. We're really excited about this one, and think it will make a big difference to our encryption users!

If you need to fix a broken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch backup so you can restore it in iTunes, you can download Decipher Backup Repair from our website.