iTunes Claims My Backup Password Was Incorrect - But It's Not!

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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iTunes cannot restore the iPhone because the password was incorrect.

If you've recently changed your backup password in iTunes, and now iTunes is reporting that “the password was incorrect” when you try to restore that backup, then we may be able to help.

There's a glitch affecting iOS 10 backups -- sometimes changing the backup password causes the password to be rejected (both the new and old passwords) when you try to use the backup you made.

Our newest release of Decipher Backup Repair will fix the backup so that your new password works correctly. In the free trial of Decipher Backup Repair, you'll be prompted for your backup password, and the new one should work. Then a moment later, if your backup password is affected by this backup glitch, you'll be prompted for the previous backup password as well.

Decipher Backup Repair prompting for previous backup password to fix password change errors

The full version (requires registration) of Decipher Backup Repair will fix the changed backup password issues (as well as any others!) so that you have a restorable backup correctly using the new backup password, as intended.

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