How to Restore Your Data if You Need to Factory Reset to Fix iOS Software Problems

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Kelly Heffner Wilkerson

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I have some beta versions of a new tool for us, and I am having a heck of a time describing it. Here is the rundown:

  1. Sometimes software problems cause iPhone issues like severe battery drain, resetting, and other buggy behavior.

  2. The solution to this problem is a "factory reset," aka to erase all contents and settings from your phone, or to reinstall iOS completely.

  3. Often, restoring the iPhone from a backup will make the problem reappear. (This is due to the original issue being caused by some faulty settings or other problems that are saved into the backup.) So, the iPhone owner has no choice but to scrap the old data and start from scratch.

As part of working on Decipher Backup Repair, I've made modified versions of our program that will purge settings and various problematic files from the backup, so that a restore would not bring back the original software problem. I usually describe it as "like a factory restore, but you get to keep your data." My description usually results in a glazed-over look in the person I am talking to.

Anyone have better suggestions for a description?

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  • waKar younus February 2, 2019

    Hey my iphone 6 is not starting it show the logo when i press the power key and tgen blue screen and nothing can you help me

    • Kelly HW

      Kelly HW February 2, 2019

      Hi Wakar,

      Do you have a backup made of your iPhone? If so, you could factory reset the iPhone and then set it up from the backup and see if that helps.

  • giselle b May 5, 2017

    hey so my problem is that my phone tells me my phone storage is full but i dont have apps so i went to the apple store and they said it was a software problem and i had to reset my phone but whn i go to reset it i don't know which of the options to choose

    • Kelly HW

      Kelly HW May 5, 2017

      Hi Giselle,

      I assume that they wanted you to do Reset All Contents and Settings, but that will erase everything from the iPhone. However, you should followup with the Apple Store in case they wanted you to plug into iTunes and "Restore iPhone" there, or had something else in mind. I don't want to advise you incorrectly in case they did not intend for you to totally wipe your iPhone!

  • phyllis ravenheart February 2, 2017

    My problem is , whenever I turn off my iphone and turn it back on the "slide to reset" always appears,and i have to connect to wifi and type my id and password.
    It's like activating and verifying all over again.

    • Kelly HW

      Kelly HW February 2, 2017

      Hi Phyllis,

      Is the ID and password you have to type for the wifi? Or a separate login after the wifi.

      Do you have any other weird iPhone remembering password/login issues?

      I'm trying to narrow down if it's a wifi stored settings issue or the keychain.

      • phyllis ravenheart February 2, 2017

        After I'm connected to wifi.
        I always have to reset. Type my id and password everytime I switch on.

  • randomshear December 12, 2014

    how about "Selective data Restore from Backup"
    - Restore the data/files you want while discarding unwanted junk/data/rest!